Missouri House of Representatives
93rd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Daily Activity Register
For Activities Recorded on December 7, 2005

HB1078 --- Sponsor: Cunningham, Mike (145)
Establishes a scholarship program for the survivors of veterans killed or injured in action after September 11, 2001
SCS HCS HB 1078 -- (LR# 3807S- 04C)
Prefiled (H)
HB1079 --- Sponsor: Schaaf, Robert (028) --- CoSponsor: Page, Sam (082)
Gives hospital medical staff the right of self-governance on certain issues
HB 1079 -- (LR# 3704L- 01I)
Prefiled (H)
HB1080 --- Sponsor: Schaaf, Robert (028) --- CoSponsor: Meadows, Tim (101)
Revises the licensure requirements for an ambulatory surgical center to allow a center to be located within 50 miles of a licensed hospital
HCS HB 1080 -- (LR# 3828L- 03C)
Prefiled (H)

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