Missouri House of Representatives
93rd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Daily Activity Register
For Activities Recorded on December 13, 2005

HB1104 --- Sponsor: Wilson, Larry (119) --- CoSponsor: Henke, Wayne J. (011)
Allows rural empowerment zones to exist in any county with 12,500 or fewer residents
HB 1104 -- (LR# 3319L- 01I)
Prefiled (H)
HB1105 --- Sponsor: Wilson, Larry (119) --- CoSponsor: Wells, Don (147)
Exempts military personnel on active duty and their spouses from being required to renew their driver's licenses while they are stationed outside the United States
HB 1105 -- (LR# 3447L- 01P)
Prefiled (H)
HB1106 --- Sponsor: Jolly, Cathy (045) --- CoSponsor: Schaaf, Robert (028)
Requires hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers to implement an acuity-based patient classification system
HB 1106 -- (LR# 3253L- 03I)
Prefiled (H)
HB1107 --- Sponsor: Baker, Judy (025) --- CoSponsor: Roorda, Jeff (102)
Changes the procedures used in the examination and treatment of victims of sexual offenses
HB 1107 -- (LR# 3723L- 01I)
Prefiled (H)
HB1108 --- Sponsor: Meiners, Kate (046) --- CoSponsor: Walsh, Regina (069)
Requires a person who commits sexual crimes against children younger than 12 years of age to serve a minimum of three years in prison before being placed on probation or parole
HB 1108 -- (LR# 3577L- 01I)
Prefiled (H)
HB1109 --- Sponsor: Flook, Tim (034)
Changes the laws regarding juvenile officer retirement to allow prior creditable service in certain circumstances
HB 1109 -- (LR# 3228L- 01I)
Prefiled (H)
HB1110 --- Sponsor: Wood, Dennis (062) --- CoSponsor: Munzlinger, Brian (001)
Specifies that a person with the lawful right to be in a particular place who fears death or physical injury from another person may use defensive force against that person without criminal prosecution
HB 1110 -- (LR# 3046L- 01I)
Prefiled (H)
HB1111 --- Sponsor: Wood, Dennis (062)
Changes the membership of county boards of equalization
HB 1111 -- (LR# 3065L- 01I)
Prefiled (H)
HB1112 --- Sponsor: Harris, Belinda (110) --- CoSponsor: Meadows, Tim (101)
Establishes the Missouri Alternatives to Abortion Services Program and the Missouri Alternatives to Abortion Public Awareness Program
HB 1112 -- (LR# 3569L- 01I)
Prefiled (H)
HB1113 --- Sponsor: Harris, Belinda (110) --- CoSponsor: Henke, Wayne J. (011)
Prohibits state funds from being used for somatic cell nuclear transfer or human embryonic stem cell research
HB 1113 -- (LR# 3570L- 01I)
Prefiled (H)
HB1114 --- Sponsor: Harris, Belinda (110) --- CoSponsor: Meadows, Tim (101)
Requires that all state service contracts awarded after August 28, 2006, must include specifications that employees of contractors or subcontractors be citizens of the United States
HB 1114 -- (LR# 3571L- 01I)
Prefiled (H)

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