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HB985 --- Sponsor: Meadows, Tim --- CoSponsor: Roorda, Jeff
Establishes the Small Business Health Fairness Act of 2006 and requires certification of trade associations for the purpose of providing health insurance to their members
HB985 -- (LR# 3054L.01I)
Referred: Small Business (H)
HB1061 --- Sponsor: Cunningham, Jane --- CoSponsor: Wildberger, Edward
Requires residences and commercial businesses to display street addresses in a clearly visible and readable manner
HB1061 -- (LR# 3434L.01I)
Referred: Small Business (H)
HB1098 --- Sponsor: Wright-Jones, Robin
Requires motor vehicle inspection stations to have liability insurance to cover damages to a vehicle during an inspection
HB1098 -- (LR# 3904L.01I)
Referred: Small Business (H)
HB1130 --- Sponsor: Wildberger, Edward --- CoSponsor: LeVota, Paul
Requires professional fundraisers to maintain certain records for a period of three years
HB1130 -- (LR# 3484L.01I)
Referred: Small Business (H)
HB1331 --- Sponsor: Baker, Judy --- CoSponsor: Kuessner, J. C.
Requires the Secretary of State to establish and operate a no-mail list for businesses
HB1331 -- (LR# 3719L.01I)
House Committee: SMALL BUSINESS
Public hearing completed (H)
HB1367 --- Sponsor: Hobbs, Steve --- CoSponsor: Richard, Ron
Changes the bidding preference requirements for sheltered workshops from a 5-point to a 25-point bonus when the work generates over $5,000 annually
HB1367 -- (LR# 3896L.01I)
Reported to the House with... (S)
HB1408 --- Sponsor: Darrough, Bruce --- CoSponsor: Zweifel, Clint
Requires rebates to be paid within 30 days of submission by the applicant
HB1408 -- (LR# 3327L.01I)
Referred: Small Business (H)
HB1531 --- Sponsor: Skaggs, Trent --- CoSponsor: Burnett, John P.
Prohibits businesses from sending unsolicited commercial mail to people who register with the Attorney General
HB1531 -- (LR# 3318L.01I)
Referred: Small Business (H)
HB1827 --- Sponsor: Wasson, Jay --- CoSponsor: Ervin, Doug
Changes the authorized categories of business and premium requirements on health insurance policies issued to an association of small and large employers
HB1827 -- (LR# 5249L.01T)
Approved by Governor (G)
Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
HB1928 --- Sponsor: Ervin, Doug --- CoSponsor: Richard, Ron
Creates the Missouri Discovery Fund and establishes the Missouri Discovery Alliance to assist with the recruitment, relocation, and expansion of technology businesses
HB1928 -- (LR# 5337L.01I)
Rules - Reported do pass (H)
SB1020 --- Sponsor: Vogel, Carl
Requires anyone who manufactures, installs, or repairs fuel storage tanks or piping for such tanks to maintain evidence of financial responsibility to cover the costs of corrective action after a fuel r
SB1020 -- (LR# 5041S.02T)
Approved by Governor (G)
Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
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