Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 1467 -- Video Games

Sponsor:  Harris (23)

This bill expands the crime of unlawful transactions with a minor
by adding provisions regulating the sale or rental of video
games.  The bill makes it a class A misdemeanor to sell or rent a
video game rated M (mature) or AO (adults only) to a person
younger than 17 years of age.  Video games must contain a rating
by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.  It is no defense
that the defendant believed the person to be 17 years or older
unless the defendant examines identification from the person
containing both a photograph and proof of age.  Retailers must
post signs explaining the rating system and provide on-site,
informational brochures.  Manufacturers and retailers can be
fined $1,000 for failing to properly label a video game and up to
$5,000 for repeated violations.  Retailers can be fined in the
same amounts for failing to post signs and provide informational

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