Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 1765 -- Election Vote Centers

Sponsor:  Denison

This bill allows election authorities to establish vote centers
so that a voter in the town, city, or other district may vote
without being registered in a particular precinct.  A vote center
cannot be used for general elections unless it has been used for
a previous election held on or after January 1, 2007, in the
relevant town, city, or other district.  If an election authority
chooses to have vote centers, counties with a population of
25,000 or more registered voters must establish one vote center
for every 10,000 registered voters.  This requirement may be
waived by the Secretary of State at the request of the governing
body of the county.

Election authorities at all vote centers will have access to
votes cast at every other vote center in the relevant district,
and the Secretary of State must certify that the vote centers are
organized to prevent election fraud and the unauthorized
disclosure of information.  Election authorities must consult the
chair of every major political party and a member of any minor
political party when deciding on the number and location of vote

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