Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 111 -- Tuition Grants for Veterans' Survivors

Sponsor:  Cunningham (145)

This bill allows the spouse and children of a soldier who is
killed in action after September 11, 2001, or who becomes 80%
disabled as the result of an injury sustained in combat action
after September 11, 2001, to receive an educational grant for
tuition at a public or private college or university in Missouri.
The Coordinating Board of Higher Education will award up to 25
grants annually.  If the waiting list of eligible survivors
exceeds 50, the board can ask the General Assembly to increase
the number of grants it is authorized to award.  The tuition
grant cannot exceed what is charged a resident by the University
of Missouri-Columbia.  The veteran must have been a Missouri
resident at the time of death or injury in order for his or her
survivors to receive this grant.  In addition to the full cost of
tuition, the grant includes $2,000 per semester for room and
board and the actual cost of books up to $500 per semester.

Children are eligible to receive the scholarship until age 25.
Spouses are eligible until age 45.  No eligible student will
receive a grant for more than 100% of tuition when combined with
similar funds given to the student.

The provisions of the bill will expire six years from the
effective date.

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Missouri House of Representatives
94th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
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