Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 207 -- Restorative Justice Programs

Sponsor:  Franz

This bill allows a county commission to establish a restorative
justice program in the county or regional jail whereby offenders
will be required to offer acts and expressions of sincere remorse
for the crimes they committed.  Program requirements may include
community service work and participation in victim-oriented
programs.  Completion of a restorative justice program may
entitle the offender to an early discharge after three-fourths of
his or her full sentence is served.  Violation of the terms of
the program may require, at the discretion of the sentencing
court, the prisoner to complete the entire balance of his or her
jail sentence in actual confinement.  For the purpose of
liability, any person performing services under the restorative
justice program will not be deemed an employee as it relates to
Missouri law.

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