Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 505 -- Alternative Fuels

Sponsor:  Bivins

This bill changes the laws regarding alternative fuels.  In its
main provisions, the bill:

(1)  Authorizes an income tax credit for owners of alternative
fuel vehicle refueling facilities who convert an existing gas
pump to a pump used for dispensing alternative fuels.  For tax
years beginning January 1, 2008, but before January 1, 2011, an
eligible applicant may apply to the Department of Natural
Resources for a tax credit of up to $2,000 for the cost of the
conversion.  The maximum amount of tax credits authorized in 2008
will be $2 million, $1.5 million in 2009, and $1 million in 2010.
If the tax credit amount authorized for a taxable year is not
sufficient to cover the qualified applications, the credits will
be prorated among the qualified applicants;

(2)  Lowers the tax on E85 fuel from 17 cents per gallon to 13
cents per gallon; and

(3)  Prohibits the use of franchise agreements that restrict fuel
franchisees from purchasing, selling, or distributing alternative

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