Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 545 -- Practice of Pharmacy

Sponsor:  Wasson

This bill revises the definition of "practice of pharmacy" to
include the implementation of medical or veterinary prescription
orders and authorizes the design and implementation of a
medication therapeutic plan defined by a specific prescription
order.  Physician protocols referring to the patient are required
and will not come from a nurse under a collaborative agreement
with a physician.

Health carriers are prohibited from requiring any physician with
whom they contract to enter into a written protocol with a
pharmacist for medication therapeutic services.  The State Board
of Registration for the Healing Arts and the State Board of
Pharmacy are authorized to promulgate rules regulating
prescription orders for medication therapy services.

The bill prohibits any person other than the patient or the
patient's authorized representative from accepting a dispensed
prescription order unless that person is on the premises of a

The State Board of Pharmacy may establish the Well-being
Committee to aid pharmacists who suffer from illness, substance
abuse, mental illness, or physical impairments.  The board will
enter into contractual agreements with nonprofit corporations for
the purpose of creating, supporting, and maintaining the
committee.  All communications involving the licensee and the
committee are confidential and not considered public records.

The committee may disclose information about an impaired licensee
when it is necessary to further the intervention, treatment, or
rehabilitation of the licensee; the release is authorized by the
licensee; the committee must make a report to the board; or the
information is subject to a court order.

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Missouri House of Representatives
94th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
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