Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 637 -- Utilities

Sponsor:  Dempsey

This bill requires utilities regulated by the Missouri Public
Service Commission to credit a customer's account $50 or $100,
depending on the length of outage, plus the actual cost of
damages caused by the power outage to residential customers whose
electrical service has been interrupted for at least 48 hours.
The commission will have discretion to waive the credits.

Beginning January 1, 2008, if there are three or more power
failures in a single service area during a single year,
electrical utilities must pay a fine of $2,000 per residential
customer for each day without power starting on the third day of
the third period of at least 48 hours without power.  These fines
will be distributed to the appropriate public school district by
the county commission and are not subject to waiver by the
Missouri Public Service Commission.  All proceedings and
complaints will be resolved by the procedures specified in
Chapter 386, RSMo.

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Missouri House of Representatives
94th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
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