Journal of the House

First Regular Session, 94th General Assembly

SEVENTY-NINTH DAY, Monday, May 21, 2007


The House met pursuant to adjournment.


         Speaker Jetton in the Chair.


         Prayer by Representative Jeff Grisamore.


         Heavenly Father, we thank You for all that has been accomplished this legislative session for the people of Missouri. We pray You would bless our House staff and give them and their families times of refreshing during this interim. We pray You would bless and protect our members and their families. As we come back for the Second Regular Session of the 94th General Assembly, we pray You would give us your wisdom and counsel, and we thank You in Jesus' name. Amen.


         The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag was recited.




         House Resolution No. 3826 through House Resolution No. 3833




         All other business of the House was suspended while HCS#2 HB 28, HB 56, HB 62, HB 75, HCS HB 98, SS HB 134, HCS HB 181, HCS HB 182, HCS HB 184, SS HB 205, HB 220, HCS HB 221, HB 264, HB 268, HCS HB 272, SCS HCS HB 298, SS SCS HCS HB 327, SCS HCS HB 329, HB 344, HB 351, HB 352, SCS HCS HB 426, HB 428, SCS HCS HB 431, HCS HB 459, HB 467, HCS HB 497, HB 554, HCS HB 555, CCS HB 574, HB 576, SS HB 579, SS SCS HCS HB 583, HCS HB 616, SCS HCS HBs 619 & 118, HCS HBs 654 & 938, HCS HB 678, HB 680, SCS HB 684, HB 686, HB 732, SS SCS HB 740, HB 754, SCS HB 791, SCS HCS HB 795, HB 801, SS HCS HB 820, HCS HB 948 and SS SCS HCS HBs 952 & 674 were read at length and, there being no objection, were signed by the Speaker to the end that the same may become law.


         The following members' presence was noted: Cooper (120), Dixon, Hodges, Jones (117) and Schneider.




         On motion of Speaker Jetton, the House adjourned until 1:00 p.m., Wednesday, May 30, 2007.