Missouri House of Representatives
94th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Daily Activity Register
For Activities Recorded on January 28, 2008

HB1310 --- Sponsor: Hoskins, Theodore (080)
Requires independent candidates to file declarations of candidacy and petitions for nomination by the same deadlines established for other candidates
HB 1310 -- (LR# 3340L- 01P)
Reported Do Pass by Consent (H)
Referred: Rules Pursuant to Rule 25(21)(f) (H)
HB1311 --- Sponsor: Hoskins, Theodore (080)
Requires a write-in candidate for a municipal office to meet state and municipal tax requirements and filing deadlines in order to file a declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate
SCS HB 1311 -- (LR# 3341S- 02T)
Reported Do Pass by Consent (H)
Referred: Rules Pursuant to Rule 25(21)(f) (H)
HB1320 --- Sponsor: Brown, Michael R. (050)
Authorizes community improvement districts that are political subdivisions to sponsor and operate a polytechnic institute for science and technology within the authorizing city or county
HB 1320 -- (LR# 3152L- 01P)
Reported Do Pass by Consent (H)
Referred: Rules Pursuant to Rule 25(21)(f) (H)
HB1392 --- Sponsor: Loehner, Tom (112)
Eliminates the in-lieu watercraft tax for all boats and vessels except barges and tugboats documented with the United States Coast Guard and makes the owner liable for state and local sales or use tax
HB 1392 -- (LR# 3398L- 01I)
Withdrawn (H)
HB1460 --- Sponsor: Schaaf, Robert (028)
Expands the crime of tampering with a judicial officer to include judicial officers or deputy juvenile officers
HB 1460 -- (LR# 3634L- 01I)
Committee: Judiciary (H)
Public Hearing Scheduled, Bill not Heard (H)
HB1469 --- Sponsor: Pratt, Bryan (055)
Changes the laws regarding certain appeals to the Administrative Hearing Commission
HB 1469 -- (LR# 3992L- 01T)
Committee: Judiciary (H)
Public Hearing Completed (H)
Executive Session Completed (H)
Voted Do Pass - Consent (H)
HB1550 --- Sponsor: Stevenson, Bryan P. (128) --- CoSponsor: Fisher, Barney (125)
Expands the jurisdiction of juvenile courts to include individuals who are 17 years of age for the sole purpose of status offenses by revising the definition of "child" and "adult"
SS HCS HB 1550 -- (LR# 4041S- 05T)
Committee: Judiciary (H)
Public Hearing Completed (H)
Executive Session Completed (H)
HCS Voted Do Pass (H)
HB1805 --- Sponsor: Schaaf, Robert (028)
Allows enrollees to pay the lower of the co-payment assigned by the health maintenance organization or health insurer or the usual and customary retail price of the prescription drug
HB 1805 -- (LR# 4350L- 01P)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1806 --- Sponsor: Schaaf, Robert (028)
Limits the Certificate of Need Program to long-term care facilities
HB 1806 -- (LR# 4349L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1807 --- Sponsor: Cox, Stanley (118)
Renames the State Schools for Severely Handicapped Children to the Missouri Schools for the Severely Disabled
SCS HCS HB 1807 -- (LR# 3965S- 03T)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1808 --- Sponsor: Cox, Stanley (118)
Changes the laws regarding workers' compensation
HB 1808 -- (LR# 4458L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1809 --- Sponsor: Ruzicka, Don (132)
Establishes the Identity Theft Prevention Act which specifies the procedures for a person to place a security freeze on his or her consumer report
HCS HB 1809 & 2173 -- (LR# 3552L- 04C)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1810 --- Sponsor: Cooper, Shannon (120) --- CoSponsor: Skaggs, Trent (031)
Changes the laws regarding sales and use, property, and motor fuel taxes
HB 1810 -- (LR# 4268L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1811 --- Sponsor: Hunter, Steve (127)
Establishes certain employee rights
HB 1811 -- (LR# 3764L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1812 --- Sponsor: Nolte, Jerry (033)
Prohibits penalties and interest from being charged to a taxpayer for the erroneous payment of property taxes as a result of an error by an official or employee of the county
HB 1812 -- (LR# 4615L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1813 --- Sponsor: Dougherty, Curt (053) --- CoSponsor: Young, Terry (049)
Exempts veteran, service, and fraternal organizations from the two-tenths of one cent tax on bingo cards and the 2% of the gross receipts of retail sales of pull-tab cards
HCS HB 1813 -- (LR# 4428L- 05P)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1814 --- Sponsor: Flook, Tim (034)
Prohibits persons convicted of statutory rape or sodomy in the first degree from being eligible for probation, parole, or conditional release for five years if the victim is younger than 12 years of age
HB 1814 -- (LR# 4490L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1815 --- Sponsor: Portwood, Dr. Charles R. (092)
Clarifies the fees for copying patient care medical records and establishes the maximum amount for the combination of the notary and certification fee
HB 1815 -- (LR# 4664L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1816 --- Sponsor: LeVota, Paul (052)
Establishes the Health Care Whistleblower Protection Act to protect certain health care professionals from retaliatory actions by employers for reporting violations regarding improper patient care
HB 1816 -- (LR# 3546L- 02I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1817 --- Sponsor: Zweifel, Clint (078) --- CoSponsor: Grill, Jason (032)
Changes the process for registering securities
HB 1817 -- (LR# 4576L- 02I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1818 --- Sponsor: Zweifel, Clint (078) --- CoSponsor: Grill, Jason (032)
Revises the definition of "security" in the laws regulating securities so that the sale of variable annuities will be governed by the Secretary of State
HB 1818 -- (LR# 4577L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1819 --- Sponsor: Roorda, Jeff (102) --- CoSponsor: Harris, Belinda (110)
Specifies the powers and authority the Department of Transporation has over roadways designated as scenic byways
HB 1819 -- (LR# 4608L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1820 --- Sponsor: Roorda, Jeff (102)
Allows an employee of the state or any of its political subdivisions to petition the circuit court for a trial de novo as an alternative to seeking judicial review of an agency decision on employment
HB 1820 -- (LR# 4581L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1821 --- Sponsor: Bowman, John L. (070) --- CoSponsor: Low, Beth (039)
Requires electronic voting systems to provide a voter-verifiable paper record
HB 1821 -- (LR# 4215L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1822 --- Sponsor: Bowman, John L. (070) --- CoSponsor: Talboy, Mike (037)
Establishes one-stop voting sites which allow persons to register and vote at the same time
HB 1822 -- (LR# 4370L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1823 --- Sponsor: Funderburk, Doug (012) --- CoSponsor: Deeken, Bill (114)
Requires all state agencies and political subdivisions to fly the United States and Missouri flags at half-staff the day after notice that a Missouri resident has been killed while on active duty
HB 1823 -- (LR# 4605L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1824 --- Sponsor: Schlottach, Charles (111) --- CoSponsor: Quinn, John (007)
Designates the ice cream cone as the official state dessert
HB 1824 -- (LR# 4659L- 01P)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1825 --- Sponsor: Komo, Sam (090) --- CoSponsor: Wildberger, Edward (027)
Requires government and public agencies to break up a contract into smaller parts if the overall size of the contract for a project prevents the use of in-state firms or contractors
HB 1825 -- (LR# 4248L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1826 --- Sponsor: Komo, Sam (090) --- CoSponsor: Wildberger, Edward (027)
Creates the crime of impersonating a minor or someone else
HB 1826 -- (LR# 4247L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1827 --- Sponsor: Sutherland, Mike (099)
Changes the laws regarding the regulation of manufactured homes by the Missouri Public Service Commission
HB 1827 -- (LR# 4323L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1828 --- Sponsor: Sutherland, Mike (099)
Requires the Director of the Department of Revenue to establish and enforce reasonable sales and use tax rules and regulations
HB 1828 -- (LR# 4321L- 01T)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1829 --- Sponsor: Storch, Rachel (064) --- CoSponsor: Pratt, Bryan (055)
Changes the laws regarding the Missouri Family Trust
HB 1829 -- (LR# 3431L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1830 --- Sponsor: Young, Terry (049) --- CoSponsor: Chappelle-Nadal, Maria (072)
Changes the laws regarding the classification of marijuana as a controlled substance and legalizes the use of marijuana for medical purposes
HB 1830 -- (LR# 4621L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1831 --- Sponsor: Onder, Bob (013) --- CoSponsor: Cooper, Robert Wayne (155)
Changes the laws regarding the consent requirements for obtaining an abortion and creates the crime of coercing an abortion
HCS HB 1831 & 1472 -- (LR# 4449L- 06P)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1832 --- Sponsor: Cooper, Shannon (120) --- CoSponsor: Scharnhorst, Dwight (093)
Establishes the Missouri County Planning Act
SS SCS HB 1832 -- (LR# 4220S- 07F)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1833 --- Sponsor: Bland, Craig C. (043)
Establishes the Missouri Universal Health Assurance Program to provide a publicly financed, statewide insurance program for all residents of this state
HB 1833 -- (LR# 4391L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1834 --- Sponsor: Bland, Craig C. (043)
Establishes the Missouri Commission on Prevention and Management of Obesity
HB 1834 -- (LR# 4392L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1835 --- Sponsor: Bland, Craig C. (043)
Requires the State Board of Education to establish a coordinated health program to prevent student obesity, cardiovascular disease, and type II diabetes
HB 1835 -- (LR# 4393L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1836 --- Sponsor: Flook, Tim (034) --- CoSponsor: Brown, Jason (030)
Specifies the true value in money for assessment purposes of possessory interests in real property on or adjacent to certain commercial airports
HCS HB 1836 -- (LR# 4519L- 02C)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1837 --- Sponsor: Low, Beth (039)
Allows for the compensation of a person wrongfully convicted and imprisoned
HB 1837 -- (LR# 3827L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1838 --- Sponsor: Low, Beth (039)
Requires health insurers to provide coverage for human papillomavirus screenings for cervical cancer
HB 1838 -- (LR# 3820L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1839 --- Sponsor: Low, Beth (039)
Establishes Christy's Law which requires all health care personnel involved in the examination of a rape victim to inform the victim of his or her right to be tested for the presence of a date rape drug
HCS HB 1839 -- (LR# 3825L- 04C)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1840 --- Sponsor: Low, Beth (039)
Requires certain businesses to provide four weeks of paid maternity or paternity leave for its employees
HB 1840 -- (LR# 3816L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1841 --- Sponsor: Low, Beth (039)
Allows a temporary exemption from the proof of lawful presence requirement when victims of domestic violence apply for a driver's license or instruction permit
HB 1841 -- (LR# 3823L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1842 --- Sponsor: Low, Beth (039)
Establishes the Missouri Global Warming Solutions Act of 2008 to reduce carbon dioxide emissions
HB 1842 -- (LR# 3828L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1843 --- Sponsor: Low, Beth (039)
Requires payday loan lenders to conspicuously display in the lobby a brochure detailing the eligibility requirements for the Missouri Food Stamp Program
HB 1843 -- (LR# 3826L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1844 --- Sponsor: Low, Beth (039)
Prohibits gubernatorial appointees from holding office in or contributing to political parties or organizations and from taking part in any political campaign during their term of office
HB 1844 -- (LR# 3819L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1845 --- Sponsor: Low, Beth (039)
Requires window stickers instead of license plate tabs to show current motor vehicle registration
HB 1845 -- (LR# 3821L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1846 --- Sponsor: Low, Beth (039)
Requires hospitals to compile and post daily staffing information in patient care areas of each unit of the hospital
HB 1846 -- (LR# 3822L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1847 --- Sponsor: Low, Beth (039)
Prohibits a person from knowingly possessing, harboring, selling, bartering, transferring, exchanging, or importing any wild animal for use as a pet
HB 1847 -- (LR# 3045L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1848 --- Sponsor: Low, Beth (039)
Requires persons adopting a dog or cat to pay a $50 fee which is refundable upon verification that the animal has been spayed or neutered
HB 1848 -- (LR# 3818L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1849 --- Sponsor: Pratt, Bryan (055) --- CoSponsor: Curls, Shalonn (041)
Changes the laws governing municipal zoning violation remedies
HB 1849 -- (LR# 4013L- 01T)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1850 --- Sponsor: Pratt, Bryan (055) --- CoSponsor: Yates, Brian David (056)
Establishes the Asbestos and Silica Claims Priorities Act
HB 1850 -- (LR# 4168L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1851 --- Sponsor: Thomson, Mike (004)
Allows the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations to establish rules to implement the federal minimum wage provisions and adds provisions regarding employees who receive tips
HB 1851 -- (LR# 4603L- 01P)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1852 --- Sponsor: Smith, Joe (014)
Changes the laws regarding the crimes of harassment and stalking and adds them to the list of crimes schools must report to law enforcement
HB 1852 -- (LR# 4506L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1853 --- Sponsor: Bivins, Walt (097)
Requires any public governmental body to make and retain a verbatim audio recording of any closed meeting
HB 1853 -- (LR# 3887L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1854 --- Sponsor: Bivins, Walt (097)
Allows companies to conduct voluntary audits relating to compliance with environmental standards and regulations
HCS HB 1854 -- (LR# 3889L- 04C)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1855 --- Sponsor: Harris, Jeff (023) --- CoSponsor: Bruns, Mark J. (113)
Increases the penalty for endangering the welfare of a child in the first degree when shaking a child younger than five years of age to a minimum of 15 years in prison
HB 1855 -- (LR# 4050L- 02I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1856 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Connie "LaJoyce" (061) --- CoSponsor: Kuessner, J. C. (152)
Changes the laws regarding the registration of a trademark
HB 1856 -- (LR# 4334L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1857 --- Sponsor: Schaaf, Robert (028) --- CoSponsor: Hunter, Steve (127)
Requires health insurers, MO HealthNet, and Medicare to pay identical benefits to licensed nonparticipating or nonpreferred health care providers in the geographic region of the health benefit plan
HCS HB 1857 -- (LR# 4352L- 03C)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1858 --- Sponsor: Emery, Edgar G. H. (126) --- CoSponsor: Jones, Timothy W. (089)
Changes the laws regarding the Missouri Human Rights Act
HB 1858 -- (LR# 3880L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1859 --- Sponsor: Baker, Judy (025) --- CoSponsor: Roorda, Jeff (102)
Establishes the Renewable Energy Research Grant Program to provide funding for renewable energy research projects
HB 1859 -- (LR# 4468L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1860 --- Sponsor: Baker, Judy (025) --- CoSponsor: Roorda, Jeff (102)
Requires sellers of newly constructed residential homes to disclose to initial purchasers the energy efficiency rating of homes based on the energy star rating system
HB 1860 -- (LR# 4469L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1861 --- Sponsor: Baker, Judy (025) --- CoSponsor: Roorda, Jeff (102)
Establishes the Renewable Energy Information and Reporting Act which requires the Missouri Public Service Commission to provide an annual report on renewable energy trends and new developments
HB 1861 -- (LR# 3225L- 01P)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1862 --- Sponsor: Baker, Judy (025) --- CoSponsor: Holsman, Jason R. (045)
Establishes the Missouri Alternative Energy Loan Authority to provide low-interest loans to public and private entities for financing various energy-saving products and services
HB 1862 -- (LR# 4466L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1863 --- Sponsor: Baker, Judy (025) --- CoSponsor: Holsman, Jason R. (045)
Requires state agencies to engage in energy conservation and state buildings to meet the International Energy Conservation Code
HB 1863 -- (LR# 4467L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1864 --- Sponsor: Parson, Michael L. (133) --- CoSponsor: Jones, Kenny (117)
Allows operators of excursion gambling boats to deposit checks on the next business day of the financial institution instead of within 24 hours
HB 1864 -- (LR# 4677L- 01P)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1865 --- Sponsor: Curls, Shalonn (041) --- CoSponsor: Hubbard, Rodney R. (058)
Requires affordable housing to be included in any tax increment financing project which includes housing units and is approved after December 31, 2008
HB 1865 -- (LR# 4225L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1866 --- Sponsor: Scavuzzo, Luke (124) --- CoSponsor: Baker, Judy (025)
Requires the Department of Revenue to award fee office contracts with a priority given to school districts and charitable organizations over individuals in a competitive bid process
HB 1866 -- (LR# 4478L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1867 --- Sponsor: Scavuzzo, Luke (124)
Authorizes the City of Harrisonville to impose a sales tax of up to 0.5% for the operation of public safety departments
HB 1867 -- (LR# 3173L- 02I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1868 --- Sponsor: McClanahan, Rebecca (002) --- CoSponsor: Chappelle-Nadal, Maria (072)
Requires the eligibility criteria for certain health care benefits to be no more restrictive than those in effect on January 10, 2005
HB 1868 -- (LR# 4159L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB1869 --- Sponsor: Wilson, Kevin (130) --- CoSponsor: Ruestman, Marilyn (131)
Requires the Missouri Revisor of Statutes to change all references of the term "junior college" to "community college" Revised Statutes of Missouri
HB 1869 -- (LR# 3675L- 01T)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HB1870 --- Sponsor: Deeken, Bill (114) --- CoSponsor: Johnson, Connie "LaJoyce" (061)
Establishes the Commission on the Death Penalty and places a moratorium on all executions until January 1, 2012
HB 1870 -- (LR# 4333L- 01I)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HB1871 --- Sponsor: Deeken, Bill (114)
Adds and gives first priority to attorneys-in-fact who have been granted control of human remains by the deceased and considered as the next-of-kin as it relates to disposition of the dead body
HB 1871 -- (LR# 4668L- 01I)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HB1872 --- Sponsor: Hunter, Steve (127) --- CoSponsor: Fisher, Barney (125)
Establishes the Protect Missouri Employee Paychecks from Politics Act
HB 1872 -- (LR# 4149L- 03I)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HB1873 --- Sponsor: Yates, Brian David (056)
Exempts certain real estate transactions of less than $2,500 from the requirement that they be certified funds
HB 1873 -- (LR# 4679L- 01I)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HB1874 --- Sponsor: Cunningham, Jane (086)
Allows the State Board of Education to award a teaching certificate for banking and personal finance to certain individuals
HB 1874 -- (LR# 3536L- 01I)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HB1875 --- Sponsor: Cunningham, Jane (086)
Allows a school district receiving a student from an unaccredited district to request the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to withhold any delinquent tuition from the sending district
HB 1875 -- (LR# 3579L- 01I)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HB1876 --- Sponsor: Cunningham, Jane (086)
Requires the designation of an agent for a binding signature on a placement settlement and makes the five-business-day notice applicable to all special education due process hearings
SCS HCS HB 1876 & 1877 -- (LR# 3964S- 03C)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HB1877 --- Sponsor: Cunningham, Jane (086)
Gives the local board of education authority to identify a designee to bind the school district in a settlement agreement reached during the resolution session regarding a special education placement
HB 1877 -- (LR# 3963L- 01I)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HB1878 --- Sponsor: Cunningham, Jane (086) --- CoSponsor: George, Tony (074)
Allows a property owner to consider the final assessed valuation after an appeal on real property as an offer by the taxing authority to purchase the property
HB 1878 -- (LR# 3585L- 02I)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HB1879 --- Sponsor: Sutherland, Mike (099)
Prohibits pharmacists from substituting one version of an antiepileptic drug for another without prior notification and consent
HB 1879 -- (LR# 4703L- 01I)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HB1880 --- Sponsor: Schaaf, Robert (028)
Prohibits any agreement between a health insurance carrier and a licensed health care provider from containing provisions which place certain restrictions on the provider
HCS HB 1880 -- (LR# 4774L- 02P)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HB1881 --- Sponsor: Schlottach, Charles (111)
Changes the term of office for the initially appointed directors of public water supply districts
HB 1881 -- (LR# 4583L- 01T)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HB1882 --- Sponsor: Kraus, Will (048) --- CoSponsor: Nance, Bob (036)
Authorizes an individual income tax credit for military retirement benefits
HB 1882 -- (LR# 4601L- 01I)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HB1883 --- Sponsor: Nance, Bob (036) --- CoSponsor: Nolte, Jerry (033)
Prohibits public and private employers from terminating an employee for becoming a member of the Federal Emergency Management Agency or for being absent or late to work due to his or her service
SCS HCS HB 1883 -- (LR# 4667S- 04T)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HB1884 --- Sponsor: Dethrow, Mike (153) --- CoSponsor: Schlottach, Charles (111)
Prohibits the Department of Agriculture from participating in the National Animal Identification System without specific authorization from the General Assembly
HCS HB 1884 -- (LR# 4704L- 08C)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HB1885 --- Sponsor: Yates, Brian David (056)
Allows the Attorney General to bring a cause of action for unlawful merchandising practices when a financial institution's name is deceptively used
HB 1885 -- (LR# 4763L- 01I)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HB1886 --- Sponsor: Scharnhorst, Dwight (093) --- CoSponsor: Self, Tom (116)
Establishes Bryce's Law which authorizes a tax credit for individuals who donate to a scholarship-granting organization if the donation is not claimed on their federal income tax return
HCS#2 HB 1886 -- (LR# 4675L- 04C)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HB2015 --- Sponsor: Icet, Allen (084)
Appropriates money for supplemental purposes for the Department of Social Services
HB 2015 -- (LR# 3015L- 01T)
Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed
YEAS: 31
HB2019 --- Sponsor: Icet, Allen (084)
Appropriates money for supplemental purposes for the University of Missouri, for the purchase of equipment, planning, expenses for capital improvements, from funds designated for period ending 5-30-08
HB 2019 -- (LR# 3019L- 01T)
Committee: Budget (H)
Public Hearing Continued (H)
HB2020 --- Sponsor: Icet, Allen (084)
Appropriates money for supplemental purposes for the several departments and offices of state government,for the purchase of equipment,planning,expenses for the fiscal period ending 5-30-2008
SS SCS HB 2020 -- (LR# 3020S- 03T)
Committee: Budget (H)
Public Hearing Continued (H)
HB2021 --- Sponsor: Icet, Allen (084)
Appropriates money for supplemental purposes for the Department of Conservation
HB 2021 -- (LR# 3021L- 01T)
Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed
YEAS: 32
HB2022 --- Sponsor: Icet, Allen (084)
Appropriates money for supplemental purposes for the Department of Public Safety
HB 2022 -- (LR# 3022L- 01T)
Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed
YEAS: 32
HCR2 --- Sponsor: Tilley, Steven (106)
House Concurrent Resolution No. 2 - State of the Judiciary on February 5, 2008
HCR0002 -- (LR# 4210L- 01I)
Escort Committee (S)
HJR60 --- Sponsor: Cunningham, Jane (086)
Proposes a constitutional amendment changing the appointing authority for the Commissioner of Education from the State Board of Education to the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate
HJR0060 -- (LR# 3955L- 01I)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)

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