Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 1441 -- Law Enforcement Safety Fund

Sponsor:  Roorda

This bill creates the Law Enforcement Safety Fund and authorizes,
beginning August 28, 2008, a $7 surcharge to be collected in each
criminal case involving a violation of any county ordinance,
criminal or traffic law, or municipal ordinance.  A seven-member
board will administer the fund to be composed of two chiefs of
police who are members of the Missouri Police Chiefs'
Association, two full-time police officers or deputy sheriffs,
one sheriff, one member of the General Assembly from the Joint
Committee on Public Employee Retirement, and one at-large member.
The initial appointments will be made by the Governor with future
members selected as specified in the bill.

The fund will be administered as a defined contribution system
allowing any member of the system to receive the funds he or she
contributes plus the interest or dividends earned less any
maintenance fees.  Eligibility for membership to the system is
limited to full-time Missouri law enforcement employees except
sheriffs from St. Louis City.  Members with the required years of
service will also be eligible to receive funds accumulated
through the collection of surcharges.  No member will be able to
receive benefits from the system prior to reaching 55 years of
age, and any benefits received from the system will not affect an
officer's eligibility for any other retirement benefit plan.

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Missouri House of Representatives
94th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
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