Summary of the Introduced Bill

HJR 58 -- Congressional and Legislative Redistricting

Sponsor:  Storch

Upon voter approval, this proposed constitutional amendment
transfers the initial responsibility for congressional and state
legislative redistricting from a congressional committee
consisting of members of the Republican and Democratic parties to
a state demographer, who is established in the amendment.  The
demographer will use census data obtained on or before
December 31, 2010, and by December 31 every 10 years thereafter
from the United States Census Bureau to develop a plan for
submission to the Secretary of State on or before April 1, 2011,
and by April 1 each 10 years thereafter.

When drawing districts, the demographer will prioritize the
requisite population of the districts, the boundaries of existing
political subdivisions, and the use of contiguous territory.
Compactness will serve as a secondary criterion for drawing
districts, and the method for comparing the compactness of
districts is specified.  The demographer will not be allowed to
use any information involving the addresses of incumbent
legislators, the political affiliation of registered voters,
previous election results, or demographic information other than
population head counts.

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Missouri House of Representatives
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