House Concurrent Resolution No. 18




      Whereas, the current health care proposal being debated in the United States Congress will raise federal taxes and force new taxes on Missourians, which are detrimental to Missouri's economy; and


            Whereas, Missouri families and employers may be facing even more mandates that drive up costs if the United States Congress passes its latest health care bill, H.R. 3200; and


            Whereas, the federal government's attempt to reform health care has overwhelmingly centered around increasing eligibility to health care, but not addressing important issues such as increasing access, provider rates or quality of care; and


            Whereas, there has been a complete lack of transparency during the final negotiations to craft this legislation and special deals have already emerged that are going to put Missouri at a disadvantage; and


            Whereas, the unfunded mandates and special deals will place greater pressure on Missouri taxpayers and put funding for education, mental health services, public safety, and all other essential state services at risk:


            Now, therefore, be it resolved that the members of the House of Representatives of the Ninety-fifth General Assembly, Second Regular Session, the Senate concurring therein, hereby urge our Missouri Congressional delegation to vote against H.R. 3200 and to further request that our elected statewide officials express their respective positions on the passage of H.R. 3200 and send a unified message to our Missouri Congressional delegation; and


            Be it further resolved that the Missouri General Assembly urge our elected statewide officials to review the constitutionality of H.R. 3200, which includes several special deals for other states, including the "Nebraska kickback"; and


            Be it further resolved that the Chief Clerk of the Missouri House of Representatives be instructed to prepare properly inscribed copies of this resolution for Governor Jay Nixon, President Barack Obama, the President of the United States Senate, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, and each member of the Missouri Congressional delegation.