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HB 1096 --- Sponsor: Seigfreid, James --- CoSponsor: Klindt, David
Adopts legislation authorizing toll roads, provided accompanying constitutional change is passed.
HB 1235 --- Sponsor: Ostmann, Cindy
Imposes additional fines on certain commercial vehicles exceeding the speed limit.
HB 1288 --- Sponsor: Scott, Delbert
Requires the Department of Transportation or the Highways and Transportation Commission, when acquiring land by condemnation to convert highways to freeways, to grant a crossing easement.
HB 1289 --- Sponsor: Auer, Ron
Expands the list of interested persons for distribution of accident reports.
HB 1303 --- Sponsor: Kissell, Don R.
Allows the city of St. Charles to voluntarily annex the family arena from the county of St. Charles.
HB 1444 --- Sponsor: Ballard, Charles
Exempts certain farm wagons from licensing requirements.
HB 1447 --- Sponsor: Ford, Louis H.
Exempts highway permit for heavy machinery within twenty-five miles.
HB 1576 --- Sponsor: Patek, Jewell
Requires drivers to change lanes when an emergency vehicle is stopped.
HB 1586 --- Sponsor: Pryor, Charles R. --- CoSponsor: Patek, Jewell
Creates the Emergency Bridge Repair and Replacement Fund.
HB 1587 --- Sponsor: Patek, Jewell
Prohibits crossing the median on interstate highways.
HB 1672 --- Sponsor: Bennett, Jon
Changes speed limit for certain trucks on certain highways; allows certain rules establishing lanes for truck travel; expands commercial zones; creates penalties for weigh station avoidance.
HB 1714 --- Sponsor: Howerton, Jim
Requires the Department of Transportation to consult with the Highway Patrol and the Division of Motor Vehicles when preparing the road laws for distribution to all counties.
HB 1721 --- Sponsor: Ostmann, Cindy --- CoSponsor: Pryor, Charles R.
Eliminates the ten-mile parcel bidding requirement in highway contracts.
HB 1742 --- Sponsor: Gaw, Steve --- CoSponsor: Koller, Don
Authorizes the Highways and Transportation Commission to issue $2.25 billion in bonds for highway construction upon review of construction plans by the General Assembly.
HB 1744 --- Sponsor: Seigfreid, James
Lower highest speed limit to sixty-five miles per hour and increases fine for speeding more than seventy miles per hour to one hundred dollars per mile per hour.
HB 1881 --- Sponsor: Auer, Ron
Includes all principal arterial roads in the City of St. Louis in the state road system.
HB 1922 --- Sponsor: Koller, Don --- CoSponsor: Hampton, Mark
Designates the portion of interstate highway 64 which is located in St. Louis as the "Kurt Warner Rams Road".
HB 1951 --- Sponsor: Crawford, Larry --- CoSponsor: Scott, Delbert
Exempts certain transportation of farm products from oversize load permits.
HB 1972 --- Sponsor: Gunn, Russell --- CoSponsor: Curls, Melba J.
Creates the Rosa Parks Highway.
HB 1989 --- Sponsor: Gaw, Steve --- CoSponsor: Wiggins, Gary
Designates the portion of Highway 63 located in Randolph County as the "World War II Pearl Harbor Survivors Memorial Highway."
HB 2052 --- Sponsor: Koller, Don --- CoSponsor: Reid, Michael J
Allows the General Assembly to provide the state Highways and Transportation Commission funding for public transit purposes with up to fifteen million dollars of the sales tax on motor vehicles.
HB 2101 --- Sponsor: Chrismer, Rich
Designates the Page Avenue Bridge as the Veterans' Memorial Bridge.
HB 2132 --- Sponsor: Chrismer, Rich
Renames the Page Ave. bridge the Veterans' Memorial Bridge.
HB 2143 --- Sponsor: Levin, David
Allows areas zoned commercial and industrial to be designated as scenic byways.
HCR 12 --- Sponsor: Griesheimer, John E.
Urges the Sierra Club and the Missouri Coalition for the Environment to drop their lawsuit against the EPA.
HCR 17 --- Sponsor: Riley, Terry
Renames a Kansas City stretch of I-70 from the Blue Ridge Cut Off to Highway 291 as the "Derrick Thomas Memorial Highway".
HCR 31 --- Sponsor: Hollingsworth, Katherine --- CoSponsor: Levin, David
Directs the Missouri Department of Revenue to contract for an outside study regarding contributions to the state road fund.
HJR 59 --- Sponsor: Gratz, William (Bill)
Submits to the voters a constitutional amendment to require all would-be Hancock refunds to be used for highway and bridge maintenance and construction for fiscal years 2002 to 2006.
SB 544 --- Sponsor: Staples, Danny
The act creates the Highway and Transportation Development Commission.
SB 579 --- Sponsor: Caskey, Harold
Revises laws regarding intoxication-related traffic offenses.
SB 725 --- Sponsor: Graves, Sam
Relating to roadside maintenance.
SB 770 --- Sponsor: DePasco, Ronnie
Limits sound amplification in motor vehicles.
SB 792 --- Sponsor: Sims, Betty
Reduces speed limits from 70 mph to 65 mph on rural interstates and freeways.
SB 876 --- Sponsor: Clay, Jr., William L.
Names a portion of Interstate Highway 55 located in St. Louis County the "Rosa Parks Highway".
SB 1017 --- Sponsor: Mathewson, James L.
Authorizes the issuance of $2 billion in bonds to finance highway construction and maintenance.
SB 1020 --- Sponsor: Bentley, Roseann
Designates a portion of Interstate 44 as the "Payne Stewart Highway".
SB 1057 --- Sponsor: Rohrbach, Larry M.
Expands the number of counties who may dissolve a road district by popular vote.
SCR 34 --- Sponsor: Bland, Mary
Renames a Kansas City portion of I-70 from the Blue Ridge Cutoff to Highway 291 as the "Derrick Thomas Memorial Highway".

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