January 10, 2001 House Activity Register
Missouri House of Representatives
Daily Activity Register
For Activities Recorded on January 10, 2001

Increases access to original birth records by adopted adults. (LR# 0938L- 01I)
HB 0255
Withdrawn (H)
Creates the contiguous property redevelopment fund for compiling and initially redeveloping contiguous properties in the city of St. Louis. (LR# 0877L- 01I)
HB 0293
Read second time (H)
Enacts consumer protections for long distance services. (LR# 0771L- 01I)
HB 0294
Read second time (H)
Changes ambulance and fire district board eligibility to twenty-four years of age and five years of residency in the district. (LR# 1067L- 01I)
HB 0295
Read second time (H)
Allows the department of natural resources to contract for the provision of technical assistance services to public water systems. (LR# 0614L- 03I)
HB 0296
Read second time (H)
Adopts a single-ballot open primary system. (LR# 1065L- 01I)
HB 0297
Read second time (H)
Regulates retainage payments in certain private building contracts. (LR# 1027L- 01I)
HB 0298
Read second time (H)
Criminalizes certain aggressive driving. (LR# 0850L- 01I)
HB 0299
Read second time (H)
Creates incentives for national teacher certification. (LR# 0189L- 01I)
HB 0300
Read second time (H)
Enacts weekend voting procedures for all elections, ending August 31, 2004. (LR# 0726L- 02I)
HB 0301
Read second time (H)
Implements .08 BAC. (LR# 0265L- 02I)
HB 0302
Read second time (H)
Allows certain liquor licensees in Camden, Miller and Morgan counties to apply for a 3:00 a.m. liquor permit. (LR# 1034L- 01I)
HB 0303
Read second time (H)
Establishes subdistricts in the fire protection districts of Moline Acres and Blackjack; allows all fire protection district vacancies to be filled by appointment. (LR# 0763L- 02I)
HB 0304
Introduced and read first time (H)
Establishes subdistricts in the school district of Riverview Gardens. (LR# 0759L- 01I)
HB 0305
Introduced and read first time (H)
Enacts the agricultural producer protection act. (LR# 0600L- 01I)
HB 0306
Introduced and read first time (H)
Expands the authority of soil and water conservation subdistrict board members and amends the requirements for being a subdistrict board member. (LR# 0594L- 01I)
HB 0307
Introduced and read first time (H)
Amends the section authorizing tax credits for investments in new generation cooperatives. (LR# 1121L- 01I)
HB 0308
Introduced and read first time (H)
Allows appropriations to community colleges for surface parking areas. (LR# 0997L- 01I)
HB 0309
Introduced and read first time (H)
Creates alternative method of obtaining temporary driving permit. (LR# 0187L- 01I)
HB 0310
Introduced and read first time (H)
Expands the categories of persons allowed to claim the pharmaceutical state income tax credit. (LR# 1001L- 01I)
HB 0311
Introduced and read first time (H)
Limits motorcycle helmet requirement to those under age twenty-one. (LR# 0705L- 01I)
HB 0312
Introduced and read first time (H)
Revises certain gaming definitions. (LR# 0776L- 01I)
HB 0313
Introduced and read first time (H)
Provides for the licensure of baccalaureate social workers. (LR# 0586L- 01I)
HB 0314
Introduced and read first time (H)
Establishes the Office of State Ombudsman for Recipients of Mental Health Services in the Lieutenant Governor's Office. (LR# 0967L- 01I)
HB 0315
Introduced and read first time (H)
Revises liquor control law. (LR# 1093L- 01I)
HB 0316
Introduced and read first time (H)
Requires certain children to receive hepatitis A immunizations. (LR# 0636L- 02I)
HB 0317
Introduced and read first time (H)
Requires all public retirement plans to file proposed rules with the Joint Committee on Public Employee Retirement. (LR# 0950L- 01I)
HB 0318
Introduced and read first time (H)
Beginning January 1, 2002, increases the state income tax deduction for all retirement benefits from six thousand dollars to seven thousand two hundred dollars and increases income caps. (LR# 0978L- 01I)
HB 0319
Introduced and read first time (H)
Revises watercraft safety and operating standards. (LR# 0415L- 01I)
HB 0320
Introduced and read first time (H)
Extends the termination date on the Kansas City public transportation sales tax from 2001 to 2003. (LR# 0925L- 01I)
HB 0321
Introduced and read first time (H)
Transfers control of the Kansas City school district to the state board of education until new governance or reorganization procedures have been established. (LR# 0240L- 01I)
HB 0322
Introduced and read first time (H)
Permits roaming wild hogs to be killed by property owners. (LR# 1097L- 01I)
HB 0323
Introduced and read first time (H)
Outlaws bestiality. (LR# 0947L- 01I)
HB 0324
Introduced and read first time (H)
Exempts twenty-five percent of all newly approved bond moneys from salary compliance; allocates all of such moneys to capital projects. (LR# 0602L- 01I)
HB 0325
Introduced and read first time (H)
Retirement of Konrad L. Heid (LR# 0058C- 01I)
HR 0030
Offered (H)
Issued (H)
65th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Potter (LR# 0067C- 01I)
HR 0031
Offered (H)
Issued (H)
Eagle Scout Nicholas Clay Hughett (LR# 0074C- 01I)
HR 0032
Offered (H)
Issued (H)
Eagle Scout Kenneth Dean Jennings (LR# 0069C- 01I)
HR 0033
Offered (H)
Issued (H)
Eagle Scout Clayton Randall Yearns (LR# 0070C- 01I)
HR 0034
Offered (H)
Issued (H)
Eagle Scout Jay Steven Roush (LR# 0071C- 01)
HR 0035
Offered (H)
Issued (H)
Eagle Scout Joel Thomas Roush (LR# 0072C- 01I)
HR 0036
Offered (H)
Issued (H)
Eagle Scout Christopher Abraham Miller (LR# 0073C- 01I)
HR 0037
Offered (H)
Issued (H)
55th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. John F. McElfresh (LR# 0065C- 01I)
HR 0038
Offered (H)
Issued (H)

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