January 22, 2001 House Activity Register
Missouri House of Representatives
Daily Activity Register
For Activities Recorded on January 22, 2001

Provides for the emergency temporary commitment of a person with active tuberculosis. (LR# 0248L- 01I)
HB 0191
Withdrawn (H)
Amends the law regarding underground facility safety and damage prevention. (LR# 1254L- 01I)
HB 0425
Read second time (H)
Authorizes a deferred retirement option plan for certain retirement systems. (LR# 1312L- 01I)
HB 0426
Read second time (H)
Adopts a new voluntary five-level minimum teacher salary plan. (LR# 1169L- 01I)
HB 0427
Read second time (H)
Creates crime of eluding a law enforcement official. (LR# 1168L- 01I)
HB 0428
Read second time (H)
Allows retired teachers to work in school districts with teacher shortages without losing retirement benefits. (LR# 1170L- 01I)
HB 0429
Read second time (H)
Creates the policemen's and sheriff's deputies' trust fund, for minimum peace officer salaries. (LR# 1166L- 01I)
HB 0430
Read second time (H)
Makes a technical correction regarding a reference to a federal law in section 190.500. (LR# 1346L- 01I)
HB 0431
Read second time (H)
Amends the law regulating mortgage brokers and mortgages. . (LR# 1253L- 01I)
HB 0432
Read second time (H)
Removes expired provisions and sections. (LR# 1273L- 01I)
HB 0433
Read second time (H)
Increases the allowable population for enterprise zones not within metropolitan statistical areas from twenty thousand to twenty-five thousand inhabitants. (LR# 1003L- 01I)
HB 0434
Read second time (H)
Recognizes American Sign Language or any other generally accepted means of communication used by the deaf community and allows it to be treated as any other foreign language. (LR# 1365L- 01I)
HB 0435
Read second time (H)
The "Missouri Airport Protection Act" provides new airport safety regulation. (LR# 1000L- 01I)
HB 0436
Read second time (H)
Amends the laws regarding vehicle emission testing. (LR# 1263L- 02I)
HB 0437
Read second time (H)
Amends various provisions regarding motor vehicle emission testing. (LR# 1262L- 02I)
HB 0438
Read second time (H)
Requires Department of Corrections to reimburse counties for certain prosecutors' pay. (LR# 1230L- 01I)
HB 0439
Read second time (H)
Expands DNA profiling system to include all convicted felons. (LR# 1203L- 01I)
HB 0440
Read second time (H)
Provides honorary high school diplomas to WWI, WWII and Korean War veterans who left high school before graduation to serve in the United States military. (LR# 1275L- 02I)
HB 0441
Read second time (H)
Exempts certain public hospital records and meetings from the provisions of chapter 610, RSMo. (LR# 1368L- 01I)
HB 0442
Read second time (H)
Allows entities to disseminate the telemarketing no-call database to their employees or contractors. (LR# 1125L- 01I)
HB 0443
Read second time (H)
Revises Criminal Activity Forfeiture Act. (LR# 0931L- 01I)
HB 0444
Read second time (H)
Corrects certain statutory cross-references in Chapter 288 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri. (LR# 1352L- 01I)
HB 0445
Read second time (H)
Revises the industrial classification system for determination of unemployment contributions. (LR# 1351L- 01I)
HB 0446
Read second time (H)
Creates Advisory Committee for Electronic Commerce. (LR# 1379L- 01I)
HB 0447
Read second time (H)
Changes the reassessment cycle for real property taxation from every two to every four years. (LR# 1375L- 01I)
HB 0448
Read second time (H)
Requires an uninsured motorist found to be at fault for an automobile accident with an insured motorist to pay the insured motorist's insurance deductible for coverage under the insured's policy. (LR# 0919L- 01I)
HB 0449
Read second time (H)
Requires the payment of all delinquent property taxes on real estate in order to obtain title by adverse possession. (LR# 0918L- 01I)
HB 0450
Read second time (H)
Expands the newborn screening requirements to include potentially treatable and manageable disorders. (LR# 0916L- 01I)
HB 0451
Read second time (H)
Expands eligible beneficiaries of vocational enterprises program of the department of corrections. (LR# 1246L- 01I)
HB 0452
Read second time (H)
Extends the sunset on fee collection for the Missouri Emergency Response Commission by ten years. (LR# 1171L- 01I)
HB 0453
Read second time (H)
Creates a good cause exception for removal of a guardian upon dissolution of marriage. (LR# 1083L- 01I)
HB 0454
Introduced and read first time (H)
Provides for canine-handler training and standards. (LR# 1249L- 01I)
HB 0455
Introduced and read first time (H)
Reduces the minimum age of eligibility for jury service from 21 to 18 years and excuses from jury service full-time students not residing within twenty miles of where the summons is issued. (LR# 1363L- 01I)
HB 0456
Introduced and read first time (H)
Creates "school building property tax relief fund" grant program for school capital improvements; funds program through incremental use of gaming proceeds. (LR# 0930L- 02I)
HB 0457
Introduced and read first time (H)
Permits the use of flashing signals by church buses. (LR# 0033L- 01I)
HB 0458
Introduced and read first time (H)
Revises the law regarding responsibilities and obligations of reinsurers and liquidators. (LR# 1208L- 01I)
HB 0459
Introduced and read first time (H)
Exempts used manufactured homes and certain used modular units from complying with manufactured housing codes. (LR# 1428L- 01I)
HB 0460
Introduced and read first time (H)
Modifies the grandparent visitation provisions. (LR# 0685L- 01I)
HB 0461
Introduced and read first time (H)
Makes various amendments regarding the practice of pharmacy. (LR# 1094L- 01I)
HB 0462
Introduced and read first time (H)
Amends the tourism supplemental revenue fund. (LR# 1347L- 01I)
HB 0463
Introduced and read first time (H)
Removes from the original jurisdiction of the juvenile/family courts cases involving violations of traffic laws by children over fifteen years of age or violations of tobacco laws by children. (LR# 1432L- 01I)
HB 0464
Introduced and read first time (H)
Modifies statutory provisions regarding licensure of nursing home administrators. (LR# 1359L- 01I)
HB 0465
Introduced and read first time (H)
Uses tobacco settlement moneys for a smoking cessation treatment program. (LR# 1397L- 01I)
HB 0466
Introduced and read first time (H)
Creates certain evidentiary rights for defendants in driver's license suspension and revocation cases. (LR# 1405L- 01I)
HB 0467
Introduced and read first time (H)
Requires all meetings and hearings of the State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts to be conducted in Jefferson City. (LR# 1403L- 01I)
HB 0468
Introduced and read first time (H)
Requires certificates of registration for physicians to be easily readable from a reasonable distance. (LR# 1402L- 01I)
HB 0469
Introduced and read first time (H)
Creates Sgt. Robert Kimberling Memorial Highway. (LR# 1342L- 01I)
HB 0470
Introduced and read first time (H)
Adds the drug "ecstasy" to drug trafficking statutes. (LR# 1287L- 01I)
HB 0471
Introduced and read first time (H)
Allows political subdivisions to establish permit procedures for public utility right-of-way users; allows utilities to pass costs of such permits to consumer. (LR# 1277L- 01I)
HB 0472
Introduced and read first time (H)
Designates cut-leaved teasel, common teasel and kudzu vine as noxious weeds. (LR# 1205L- 01I)
HB 0473
Introduced and read first time (H)
Requires uninsured motorists to pay certain property and out-of-pocket medical expenses before seeking damages, and bars drunk drivers and certain uninsured motorists from noneconomic damages. (LR# 1389L- 01I)
HB 0474
Introduced and read first time (H)
Increases minimum teachers' salaries. (LR# 1387L- 01I)
HB 0475
Introduced and read first time (H)
Creates crime of driving with excessive blood alcohol content. (LR# 1388L- 01I)
HB 0476
Introduced and read first time (H)
Creates alternative method of obtaining temporary driving permit. (LR# 1439L- 01I)
HB 0477
Introduced and read first time (H)
Urges the Governor, DNR, DOC and MoDOT to protest against the federal government's practice of controlling the flow of the Missouri River. (LR# 1162L- 02I)
Read second time (H)
75th Birthday of Wilbert Godfrey Schuchardt (LR# 0193C- 01)
HR 0107
Offered (H)
Issued (H)
Congratulations to Kristin Herbst (LR# 0188C- 01)
HR 0108
Offered (H)
Issued (H)
Ninety First General Assembly Rules of the House (LR# 1464L- 01I)
HR 0109
Offered (H)
Congratulations to Pat Marshall (LR# 0062C- 01I)
HR 0110
Offered (H)
Issued (H)

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