Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 739 -- Women's Pregnancy Education Information Act

Co-Sponsors:  Phillips, Barry, Marble, Portwood, Cunningham

This bill revises the Women's Pregnancy Education Information

Beginning January 1, 2002, a prescribing physician is required
to confer with a patient at least 24 hours before a prescription
is delivered to the patient, a pharmacy, or pharmacist about the
indicators or contra-indicators concerning the use of
mifepristone (RU-486), misoprostol (only if prescribed in
connection with inducing an abortion), or any combination of
drugs which are intended to induce an abortion.  A physician is
required to consider a patient's medical history and medical
condition during the discussion.

Prior to or during the physician's discussion, a patient is
required to be screened for physical, psychological, and
situational risk factors which would predispose the patient to
or increase the risk of experiencing one or more emotional or
physical reactions to the use of the drug or drugs.

Prior to the delivery of the prescription, a prescribing
physician and the patient are required to sign a written
statement which certifies that the screening and discussion have
been completed and that the woman has given her informed
consent, freely and without coercion.

All executed statements will be maintained in the patient's
medical file and are subject to confidentiality rules and laws.

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