January 14, 2002, House Activity Register
Missouri House of Representatives
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For Activities Recorded on January 14, 2002

HB1202 --- Sponsor: Smith, Philip (011)
Permits refund of overcollected sales taxes only if they are returned to the original purchasers.
HCS HB 1202 -- (LR# 3281L- 02P)
Referred: Ways and Means (H)
HB1229 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Rick (090) --- CoSponsor: Jolly, Cathy (045)
Creates various sexual misconduct crimes.
HB 1229 -- (LR# 2933L- 01I)
Withdrawn (H)
HB1399 --- Sponsor: Ransdall, Bill L. (148) --- CoSponsor: Kreider, Jim (142)
Extends application deadline for World War II medals to January 1, 2003.
HS HB 1399 -- (LR# 3635L- 02T)
Referred: Public Safety, Law Enforcement and Veteran Affairs
HB1405 --- Sponsor: Burton, Gary L. (128)
Provides for the disincorporation of certain road districts by a vote of the residents of the district.
HB 1405 -- (LR# 3591L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1406 --- Sponsor: Barnett, Rex (004)
Creates new requirements for board of regents of Northwest Missouri State University.
SCS HB 1406 -- (LR# 3380L- 03T)
Read second time (H)
HB1407 --- Sponsor: Wilson, Vicky Riback (025) --- CoSponsor: Berkowitz, Sam (001)
Creates a phased-in earned income tax credit.
HCS HB 1407 -- (LR# 3111L- 03C)
Read second time (H)
HB1408 --- Sponsor: Purgason, Chuck (151) --- CoSponsor: Bearden, Carl (016)
Allows persons to apply for and receive permits to carry concealed firearms under certain circumstances; creates the county sheriff's revolving fund.
HB 1408 -- (LR# 3544L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1409 --- Sponsor: Campbell, Marsha (039)
Requires design-build contractors to hold a certificate of authority to practice from the State Board of Architects, Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors.
HB 1409 -- (LR# 3560L- 01P)
Read second time (H)
HB1410 --- Sponsor: Campbell, Marsha (039)
Provides for a salary increase for certain state family workers who complete a family development credentialing program.
HB 1410 -- (LR# 2697L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1411 --- Sponsor: Skaggs, Bill (031)
Creates special license plate for Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment Fund, Inc.
HB 1411 -- (LR# 2942L- 01P)
Read second time (H)
HB1412 --- Sponsor: Skaggs, Bill (031) --- CoSponsor: Hosmer, Craig (138)
Creates special license plates for Animal Friendly License Plate Association.
HB 1412 -- (LR# 2943L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1413 --- Sponsor: Burcham, Tom (106)
Authorizes a conveyance of state property to the St. Francois County Habitat for Humanity.
HB 1413 -- (LR# 2548L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1414 --- Sponsor: Treadway, Joseph L. (096)
Alters the exemptions for licensed professionals.
HB 1414 -- (LR# 3519L- 02I)
Read second time (H)
HB1415 --- Sponsor: Koller, Don (153)
Provides sales tax exemption for admission fees and sales tax related to pheasant hunting.
HB 1415 -- (LR# 3075L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1416 --- Sponsor: Koller, Don (153)
Requires person with immigration visa to notify Department of Revenue of that fact upon application for driver's license.
HB 1416 -- (LR# 2617L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1417 --- Sponsor: Legan, Kenneth (145)
Regulates repossession of property.
HB 1417 -- (LR# 3297L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1418 --- Sponsor: Relford, Randall H. (006) --- CoSponsor: Ballard, Charles (140)
Establishes the Arrow Rock State Historic Site Endowment Fund and adds various provisions relating to the administration of state parks.
HB 1418 -- (LR# 3755L- 01P)
Read second time (H)
HB1419 --- Sponsor: Shields, Charles W. (028)
Allows a tax credit for qualified contributions to schools.
HB 1419 -- (LR# 3293L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1420 --- Sponsor: Shields, Charles W. (028)
Regulates dental services provided by not-for-profit corporations.
HB 1420 -- (LR# 3527L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1421 --- Sponsor: McKenna, Ryan Glennon (102) --- CoSponsor: Abel, Mark C. (103)
Excludes capital appropriations from annual appropriations for community college district maintenance funds.
HB 1421 -- (LR# 3557L- 01P)
Read second time (H)
HB1422 --- Sponsor: Gratz, William (Bill) (113) --- CoSponsor: Kreider, Jim (142)
Prohibits price gouging during emergencies.
HB 1422 -- (LR# 3705L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1423 --- Sponsor: Gratz, William (Bill) (113) --- CoSponsor: Kreider, Jim (142)
Enacts the Missouri Sunset Act establishing the Sunset Advisory Commission to review the effectiveness and necessity of state agencies.
HB 1423 -- (LR# 3706L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1424 --- Sponsor: Smith, Philip (011) --- CoSponsor: Kreider, Jim (142)
Prohibits public institutions of higher education from increasing tuition, fees, and surcharges after the opening date of any school year.
HB 1424 -- (LR# 3621L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1425 --- Sponsor: Smith, Philip (011)
Prohibits the disclosure of nonpublic health information.
SCS HCS HB 1425 -- (LR# 3810S- 05C)
Read second time (H)
HB1426 --- Sponsor: Davis, D. J. (122)
Removes the current 50-year age requirement for certain public retirement systems.
HB 1426 -- (LR# 3639L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1427 --- Sponsor: Hosmer, Craig (138) --- CoSponsor: Marsh, B.J. (136)
Regulates the use of privatization contracts by public bodies.
HB 1427 -- (LR# 3318L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1428 --- Sponsor: Hosmer, Craig (138)
Changes venue provisions in small claims court.
HB 1428 -- (LR# 2716L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1429 --- Sponsor: Shoemyer, Wes (009) --- CoSponsor: Myers, Peter (160)
Requires farmers who plant patented seed and retain seed from the harvest for planting the following planting season to pay fee which will be deposited in the Genetically Engineerered Seed Fund.
HB 1429 -- (LR# 3107L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1430 --- Sponsor: Burton, Gary L. (128)
Amends resisting arrest statute to make it presumed that a person is eluding if the person continues to operate a vehicle after lights or siren and increases penalty to D felony.
HB 1430 -- (LR# 3724L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1431 --- Sponsor: Scheve, May (098)
Changes the assessment of real property to every four years.
HB 1431 -- (LR# 3690L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1432 --- Sponsor: Foley, James Michael (081) --- CoSponsor: Hanaway, Catherine L (087)
Permits charter counties to establish an emergency communications system commission.
HB 1432 -- (LR# 3532L- 01P)
Read second time (H)
HB1433 --- Sponsor: Monaco, Ralph A. (049) --- CoSponsor: Kelly, Gary (036)
Amends resisting arrest statute to make it presumed that a person is fleeing if the person continues to operate a vehicle after lights or siren and increases penalty to D felony.
HB 1433 -- (LR# 2841L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1434 --- Sponsor: Monaco, Ralph A. (049) --- CoSponsor: Green, Timothy P. (073)
Allows emergency personnel to seek recovery and damages from people who by their acts, ommissions, or willful or culpable negligence cause such personnel to suffer injury, disease or death.
HB 1434 -- (LR# 3572L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1435 --- Sponsor: Crawford, Larry (117) --- CoSponsor: Moore, Danielle (020)
Permits sheriffs to issue permits to carry concealed weapons and establishes the application process.
HB 1435 -- (LR# 3672L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1436 --- Sponsor: Crawford, Larry (117)
Adds a class A misdemeanor (568.040) which board has to provide probation services for.
HB 1436 -- (LR# 3126L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1437 --- Sponsor: Crawford, Larry (117) --- CoSponsor: Moore, Danielle (020)
Preempts the regulation of firearms.
HB 1437 -- (LR# 3123L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1438 --- Sponsor: O'Connor, Patrick (079)
Provides for the franchising of personal watercraft.
HB 1438 -- (LR# 3599L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1439 --- Sponsor: Myers, Peter (160) --- CoSponsor: Behnen, Bob (002)
Authorizes a tax credit for investments in certain eligible new generation cooperatives.
HB 1439 -- (LR# 3184L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1440 --- Sponsor: Wilson, Vicky Riback (025) --- CoSponsor: Harlan, Tim (023)
Requires health insurers to treat mental health in the same manner as other medical services.
HS HCS HB 1440 -- (LR# 3113L- 05P)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1441 --- Sponsor: Harlan, Tim (023)
Allows members of Missouri Higher Education Savings Program Board to designate a proxy, and requires confidentiality of personally identifiable information of participants in the program.
HB 1441 -- (LR# 3665L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1442 --- Sponsor: Relford, Randall H. (006)
Designates portion of highway 116 in Clinton County as the "David Rice Atchison Memorial Highway".
HB 1442 -- (LR# 3707L- 02I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1443 --- Sponsor: Barry, Joan (100) --- CoSponsor: Hanaway, Catherine L (087)
Enacts the "Safe Place for Newborns Act of 2002".
SS SCS HCS HB 1443 -- (LR# 3865S- 09T)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1444 --- Sponsor: Smith, Philip (011)
Modifies the exemptions from licensure required for foster homes, residential care facilities, and child placing agencies.
HB 1444 -- (LR# 3881L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1445 --- Sponsor: Smith, Philip (011)
Exempts security plans for public buildings from the state's sunshine laws.
HCS HB 1445 -- (LR# 3733L- 03C)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1446 --- Sponsor: Luetkenhaus, Bill (012)
Excludes certain coverages from the definitions of "health benefit plan" and "health carrier".
SS#2 SCS HB 1446 -- (LR# 3698S- 09F)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1447 --- Sponsor: Luetkenhaus, Bill (012)
Allows recognizance bonds only when the defendant is a local and has no prior convictions for failure to appear plus specifies when bonds can be forfeited and remitted to the surety.
HB 1447 -- (LR# 3836L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1448 --- Sponsor: Kelly, Glenda (027)
Allows persons with restricted driving privileges due to driving while intoxicated convictions to drive to and from their formal program of secondary, post-secondary, or higher education.
HB 1448 -- (LR# 2858L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1449 --- Sponsor: Reid, Michael J (078) --- CoSponsor: Barry, Joan (100)
Prohibits human cloning.
HB 1449 -- (LR# 2550L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1450 --- Sponsor: Marble, Gary (130) --- CoSponsor: Hickey, John (080)
Requires written notification of retainage clauses in public building contracts.
HB 1450 -- (LR# 3718L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1451 --- Sponsor: Kreider, Jim (142) --- CoSponsor: Crump, Wayne F. (152)
Relating to the addition of members of the general assembly to the Missouri board of public buildings.
HCS HB 1451 -- (LR# 2736L- 04P)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1452 --- Sponsor: Curls, Melba J. (041) --- CoSponsor: Lowe, Jenee' M. (044)
Relating to regulations for the check-cashing business.
HB 1452 -- (LR# 2785L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1453 --- Sponsor: Hosmer, Craig (138)
Adds to the Missouri State Employees Retirement System board one judge appointed by the Chief Justice.
HB 1453 -- (LR# 3848L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1454 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Rick (090)
Amends the notice provisions regarding liens on bank accounts for child support arrearages.
HB 1454 -- (LR# 2949L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1455 --- Sponsor: O'Toole, James P. (068)
Clarifies the retroactive starting date for purposes of the BACKDROP retirement provisions.
SS SCS HS HB 1455 -- (LR# 3641S- 09T)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HCR1 --- Sponsor: Crump, Wayne F. (152)
Invites the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri to deliver a State of Judiciary message on Tuesday, January 15, 2002, at 10:30 am.
HCR0001 -- (LR# 3768L- 01I)
Escort Committee
HCR5 --- Sponsor: Reynolds, David L. (077)
Urges the Governor to declare a week in September as "Deaf Awareness Week".
HCR0005 -- (LR# 3400L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HCR6 --- Sponsor: Jetton, Rod (156)
Recommends a condemnation of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and expresses the concerns of the House and Senate.
HCR0006 -- (LR# 3928L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)

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