Bills Assigned to Committee

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HB1228 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Rick --- CoSponsor: Selby, Harold R.
Revises the Telemarketing No-Call Law.
HB1254 --- Sponsor: Thompson, Betty L.
Regulates high interest home loans.
HB1337 --- Sponsor: Troupe, Charles Quincy
Regulates check cashing businesses.
HB1363 --- Sponsor: Scheve, May
Prohibits certain deceptive practices in connection with home loans.
HB1452 --- Sponsor: Curls, Melba J. --- CoSponsor: Lowe, Jenee' M.
Relating to regulations for the check-cashing business.
HB1501 --- Sponsor: Boucher, Bill --- CoSponsor: Jolly, Cathy
Sets restrictions for payday loans.
HB1503 --- Sponsor: Liese, Chris
Requires cemetery service funds to be deposited in segregated accounts.
HB1540 --- Sponsor: Bartle, Matt
Removes current exclusion from telemarketing no-call provision for businesses without present connection and candidates for public office.
HB1655 --- Sponsor: Troupe, Charles Quincy
Prohibits certain types of high-interest home loans.
HB1676 --- Sponsor: Wagner, Wes --- CoSponsor: Luetkemeyer, Blaine
Makes various changes to the laws controlling financial institutions.
HB1762 --- Sponsor: Harding, Meg --- CoSponsor: Boykins, Amber (Holly)
Makes it an unlawful practice to disclose more than five credit card or debit card numbers on any sales receipt.
HB1804 --- Sponsor: Harding, Meg --- CoSponsor: Jolly, Cathy
Requires payday lenders to disclose in all advertising the maximum amount of fees and interest they are currently charging.
HB1888 --- Sponsor: Barnitz, Frank A. --- CoSponsor: Legan, Kenneth
Revises laws on pawnshops and on stealing.
HB1949 --- Sponsor: Curls, Melba J. --- CoSponsor: Thompson, Betty L.
Requires certain financial institutions to cash state payroll checks.
HB1950 --- Sponsor: Scheve, May --- CoSponsor: Whorton, James
Requires that individuals applying for or renewing a mortgage broker license must show proof of completion of a continuing education course.
HB1957 --- Sponsor: Luetkemeyer, Blaine
Grants investment agents a temporary license if they transfer to another broker-dealer that is licensed by the state.
HB2045 --- Sponsor: Ross, Carson --- CoSponsor: Liese, Chris
Changes provisions relating to S corporation shareholders and income taxes.
SB884 --- Sponsor: DePasco, Ronnie
Regulates payday lenders.
SB895 --- Sponsor: Yeckel, Anita --- CoSponsor: Gross, Charles
Amends securities and banking laws.
SB1191 --- Sponsor: Jacob, Kenneth B.
Allows bonds to be issued to be repaid with net tobacco settlement agreement receipts.
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