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HB1041 --- Sponsor: Myers, Peter
Revises laws on tourism and liquor control and creates regional taxicab commission in St. Louis City and County.
HB1233 --- Sponsor: Harding, Meg
Designates the eighth day of May of each year as "Missouri Day".
HB1692 --- Sponsor: Overschmidt, Francis S. --- CoSponsor: Koller, Don
Extends liquor sales by the drink at a convention trade area to include Miller, Morgan, and Camden counties.
HB1751 --- Sponsor: Lawson, Maurice --- CoSponsor: Berkstresser, Judy
Changes calculations for the Tourism Supplemental Revenue Fund.
HB1820 --- Sponsor: Phillips, Susan C. --- CoSponsor: Harding, Meg
Authorizes a one-half percent transient guest tax for tourism in certain counties.
HB1907 --- Sponsor: King, Jerry R --- CoSponsor: Myers, Peter
Makes Adrian, Missouri, the purple martin capital of the state.
HB1928 --- Sponsor: Overschmidt, Francis S. --- CoSponsor: Lawson, Maurice
Changes language relating to the Tourism Supplemental Revenue Fund.
HB2079 --- Sponsor: McKenna, Ryan Glennon
Uses the term "lodging establishment" in chapter 419 instead of the terms "hotel" or "inn".
HCR20 --- Sponsor: Crump, Wayne F.
Designates an area in eastern mid-Missouri as the "Arcadia Valley".
SB831 --- Sponsor: Loudon, John
Establishes December 15 as Bill of Rights Day.
SB1017 --- Sponsor: Cauthorn, John
Expands transient guest tax to include Clark county.
SB1151 --- Sponsor: Kinder, Peter
Expands purposes for which certain local tourism taxes can be used.
SB1210 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Sidney
Permits Buchanan County and the City of St. Joseph to impose a tourism sales tax. Allows Kansas City to increase hotel and restaurant taxes.
SB1243 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Sidney
Changes term "innkeeper" to "lodging establishment" and changes posting of notice requirements for lodging establishments.
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