Missouri House of Representatives
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HB 1319 --- Sponsor: Burton, Gary L. --- CoSponsor: Mays, Carol Jean
Establishes tax credit for installing pollution control devices on existing or new coal-fired electric generating plants.
HB 1388 --- Sponsor: Mays, Carol Jean
Allows municipalities that own gas plants to be fined by the Public Service Commission.
HB 1402 --- Sponsor: Burton, Gary L. --- CoSponsor: Mays, Carol Jean
Revises utility laws. Requires schools and libraries to restrict access to Internet pornography.
HB 1482 --- Sponsor: Mays, Carol Jean --- CoSponsor: Burton, Gary L.
Authorizes Public Service Commission to direct allocation of certain sums to gas ratepayers.
HB 1573 --- Sponsor: Mays, Carol Jean --- CoSponsor: Burton, Gary L.
Allows electric utilities to transfer assets to affiliates with the approval of the Public Service Commission.
HB 1599 --- Sponsor: Lowe, Jenee' M. --- CoSponsor: Bray, Joan
Encourages the use of renewable resources.
HB 1837 --- Sponsor: Berkowitz, Sam --- CoSponsor: Shoemyer, Wes
Allows additional time for ethanol producers to collect from the Missouri Qualified Fuel Ethanol Producer Incentive Fund and revises equipment repurchase law.
HB 2087 --- Sponsor: Whorton, James --- CoSponsor: Daus, Michael
Allows the Division of Design and Construction to enter into guaranteed energy cost savings contracts.
HB 2174 --- Sponsor: Kelly, Glenda
Authorizes the Public Service Commission to review proposed changes in utility ownership and impose conditions to benefit public interest.
HCR 28 --- Sponsor: Willoughby, Philip --- CoSponsor: Byrd, Richard
Establishes a Joint Committee on Utility Regulation and Infrastructure Investment.
SB 810 --- Sponsor: Dougherty, Patrick
Expands the Utilicare program. Changes eligibility for supplemental nursing care payments. Modifies the Energy Conservation Loan Program.
SB 872 --- Sponsor: Dougherty, Patrick
Creates the Consumer Clean Energy Act to promote energy efficiency.
SB 888 --- Sponsor: Gross, Charles
Public Service Commission must set ratemaking principles before new generation is constructed and Department of Natural Resources must act on permits within 180 days.
SB 900 --- Sponsor: Goode, P. Wayne
Creates an experimental program to permit aggregate purchase of natural gas by public school districts.
SB 973 --- Sponsor: Klindt, David
Creates the "Missouri Biomass Technology Commission".
SB 1012 --- Sponsor: Caskey, Harold
Extends the period of payments from ten to fifteen years on guaranteed energy cost savings contracts.
SB 1013 --- Sponsor: Steelman, Sarah G. --- CoSponsor: Stoll, Steve
Allows for transfers of generation of electrical corporations to an affiliated party.
SB 1100 --- Sponsor: Childers, Doyle
Creates the "Consumer Clean Energy Act".
SB 1116 --- Sponsor: Dougherty, Patrick
Allows the Public Service Commission to consider ability to pay as a factor in setting utility rates.

Missouri House of Representatives
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