Missouri House of Representatives
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HB 1051 --- Sponsor: Ward, Dan
Provides additional space for offices and firing range at Troop C Service Center in Park Hills, Missouri.
HB 1092 --- Sponsor: Reynolds, David L.
Permits additional classes of public employees to form and join labor organizations.
HB 1099 --- Sponsor: Relford, Randall H.
Revises motor vehicle registration fees and creates the Missouri Highway Safety Fund.
HB 1196 --- Sponsor: Barnett, Rex --- CoSponsor: Ostmann, Cindy
Revises law on transportation funding and billboards.
HB 1311 --- Sponsor: Relford, Randall H. --- CoSponsor: Hunter, Steve
Reallocates admission fees for gambling boats paid to municipal and county governments.
HB 1400 --- Sponsor: Naeger, Patrick A.
Designates portions of various highways. Names state horse.
HB 1426 --- Sponsor: Davis, D. J.
Removes the current 50-year age requirement for certain public retirement systems.
HB 1466 --- Sponsor: Berkowitz, Sam --- CoSponsor: Koller, Don
Excludes Missouri Highway Patrol from restrictions on appropriations from State Highways and Transportation Department Fund.
HB 1498 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Rick --- CoSponsor: Britt, Phillip M.
Makes it a crime to have sexual contact with a resident of a long-term care facility or an inmate.
HB 1529 --- Sponsor: Hegeman, Daniel J.
Changes the cost-of-living adjustment calculation for state employee retirement plans.
HB 1560 --- Sponsor: Hegeman, Daniel J.
Requires the Highways and Transportation Commission to make certain contributions for health insurance to members of the Highway and Transportation Employees and Highway Patrol Retirement System.
HB 1570 --- Sponsor: Koller, Don --- CoSponsor: Kreider, Jim
Authorizes additional funding for transportation purposes.
HB 1572 --- Sponsor: Skaggs, Bill
Alters sick leave calculations for members of the Missouri State Employees Retirement System.
HB 1581 --- Sponsor: Clayton, Robert
Allows Highway Patrol officers to be elected to school boards and permits the superintendent to authorize officers to accept federal commissions.
HB 1584 --- Sponsor: Kreider, Jim --- CoSponsor: Koller, Don
Provides funding for education and transportation purposes.
HB 1611 --- Sponsor: Bartle, Matt
Requires Highway Patrol to maintain a web site on internet searchable by name, zip code, and by mile radius from entered address for sexual offenders.
HB 1619 --- Sponsor: Wright, Mark
Requires drivers to obey a law enforcement officer's signal to stop.
HB 1673 --- Sponsor: Koller, Don
Designates a portion of highway 63 as the "Trooper Kelly L. Poynter Memorial Highway".
HB 1707 --- Sponsor: Miller, Ronnie
Creates the Speed Patrol Pilot Project.
HB 1745 --- Sponsor: Naeger, Patrick A.
Designates portions of various highways. Names state horse.
HB 1818 --- Sponsor: Hegeman, Daniel J.
Increases the annual cost-of-living allowance for public retirement systems from eighty percent to one hundred percent of the increase in the Consumer Price Index.
HB 1918 --- Sponsor: Koller, Don
Revises enforcement of the requirement for commercial motor vehicles to stop at weigh stations.
HB 2052 --- Sponsor: Hosmer, Craig
Requires railroad police officers to be licensed peace officers.
HB 2227 --- Sponsor: Quinn, John
Creates Missouri Regional Computer Forensics Lab and creates crime of enticement of a child.
HJR 57 --- Sponsor: Koller, Don
Proposes a constitutional amendment imposing additional fuel and sales and use taxes for the purpose of funding highways.
SB 703 --- Sponsor: Yeckel, Anita
Revises the law regarding tinted windows.
SB 710 --- Sponsor: Westfall, Morris
Raises motor fuel tax and sales tax and directs other revenues to fund transportation projects, subject to referendum.
SB 774 --- Sponsor: Goode, P. Wayne
Reduces speed limit by five mph for trucks on certain highways, expressway and interstates of this state.
SB 921 --- Sponsor: Westfall, Morris
Repeals sunset on motor fuel tax and allows Transportation Department to engage in design-build contracts.
SB 925 --- Sponsor: Sims, Betty --- CoSponsor: Dougherty, Patrick
Changes seat belt law from secondary enforcement to primary enforcement.
SB 977 --- Sponsor: Quick, Edward E.
Would create a $150,000 death benefit for public safety officers killed in the line of duty.
SB 1070 --- Sponsor: Gibbons, Michael R.
Revises sex offenders' registry.
SB 1133 --- Sponsor: Gross, Charles
Revises provisions of MOSERS and Highway Employees and Highway Patrol Retirement System.
SB 1213 --- Sponsor: Mathewson, James L.
Requires railroad policemen to be commissioned.
SB 1239 --- Sponsor: Klindt, David
Creates the Missouri Regional Computer Forensic Lab.
SB 1265 --- Sponsor: Kenney, Bill
Creates enforcement provisions to prohibit tobacco sales to minors.
SJR 40 --- Sponsor: Westfall, Morris
Revises Constitution to provide additional funds for transportation and revises funding formula for certain entities.

Missouri House of Representatives
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