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HB 1076 --- Sponsor: Jolly, Cathy --- CoSponsor: Johnson, Rick
Increases the time persons arrested for felonies may be held without a charge to thirty-two hours.
HB 1078 --- Sponsor: Whorton, James --- CoSponsor: Copenhaver, Nancy
Authorizes sales tax for regional jail districts and associated court facilities.
HB 1250 --- Sponsor: Thompson, Betty L.
Allows suit for damages for wrongful imprisonment.
HB 1285 --- Sponsor: Burton, Gary L.
Adds necessary and reasonable medical expenses in addition to the per diem cost of incarceration for which the state must pay if the state is liable for costs in a criminal case.
HB 1290 --- Sponsor: Troupe, Charles Quincy
Requires autopsy record to be given to any member of General Assembly and posted on web site.
HB 1297 --- Sponsor: Troupe, Charles Quincy
Prohibits privately operated prisons.
HB 1299 --- Sponsor: Troupe, Charles Quincy
Requires that probationers who are detained be released immediately upon the end of their detention.
HB 1300 --- Sponsor: Troupe, Charles Quincy
Creates the crime of offender sexual abuse.
HB 1301 --- Sponsor: Troupe, Charles Quincy
Prohibits nonviolent offenders from being housed in the same cell as violent offenders.
HB 1305 --- Sponsor: Troupe, Charles Quincy
Creates board of corrections ombudsman and office of corrections ombudsman.
HB 1436 --- Sponsor: Crawford, Larry
Adds a class A misdemeanor (568.040) which board has to provide probation services for.
HB 1498 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Rick --- CoSponsor: Britt, Phillip M.
Makes it a crime to have sexual contact with a resident of a long-term care facility or an inmate.
HB 1565 --- Sponsor: Williams, Deleta --- CoSponsor: Relford, Randall H.
Provides guidelines for operation of private prisons.
HB 1593 --- Sponsor: Gratz, William (Bill) --- CoSponsor: Hampton, Mark
Sets minimum education and experience requirements for persons running for sheriff and requires jailers to get training under police officer standards and training law.
HB 1653 --- Sponsor: Hosmer, Craig --- CoSponsor: Marsh, B.J.
Prohibits use of tobacco products in all buildings and grounds of correctional centers by July 1, 2003.
HB 1691 --- Sponsor: Curls, Melba J. --- CoSponsor: Mays, Carol Jean
Requires that contracts for collect call service for correctional institutions be awarded to the lowest and best bidder and that allows renegotiation of any existing contracts to reduce costs.
HB 1715 --- Sponsor: Moore, Danielle --- CoSponsor: Graham, Chuck
Expands the use of state-funded interpreters for the deaf in judicial proceedings.
HB 1900 --- Sponsor: Scott, Delbert
Creates the state legal expense fund.
HB 1971 --- Sponsor: Seigfreid, James --- CoSponsor: Shoemyer, Wes
Qualifies certain individuals as special consultants for the public employee retirement systems.
HB 2016 --- Sponsor: Kelly, Glenda
Modifies the information required for delivery of prisoners to correctional centers.
HB 2057 --- Sponsor: Barry, Joan
Expands the medical testing performed on persons delivered to the Department of Corrections.
HB 2071 --- Sponsor: Troupe, Charles Quincy
Allows offenders in correctional centers to obtain alternative health care at their own expense.
SB 645 --- Sponsor: Mathewson, James L.
Authorizes Caldwell, DeKalb and Daviess counties to impose a voter-approved sales tax to fund jail districts.
SB 654 --- Sponsor: Rohrbach, Larry M.
Prohibits private prisons or jails.
SB 673 --- Sponsor: Westfall, Morris --- CoSponsor: Bentley, Roseann
Revises sex crimes laws.
SB 1066 --- Sponsor: Klindt, David
Allows certification programs for corrections officers.

Missouri House of Representatives
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