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HB 1042 --- Sponsor: Bearden, Carl
Regulates unsolicited electronic mail messages.
HB 1054 --- Sponsor: Selby, Harold R. --- CoSponsor: Ward, Dan
Prohibits termination of employees who are absent from work because they are volunteer firefighters.
HB 1055 --- Sponsor: Byrd, Richard
Waives the state's sovereign immunity for purposes of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.
HB 1066 --- Sponsor: Bray, Joan --- CoSponsor: Kreider, Jim
Establishes guidelines for student publications, liability for school districts, and requires faculty advisors to supervise publication.
HB 1067 --- Sponsor: Bray, Joan
Creates a cause of action for wrongful discharge.
HB 1071 --- Sponsor: Hosmer, Craig
Subjects student loan defaulters to penalties relating to professional licensing.
HB 1082 --- Sponsor: Fraser, Barbara
Regulates the use of epinephrine auto-injector devices by emergency medical technicians.
HB 1173 --- Sponsor: Hickey, John
Enacts the Equal Pay Act.
HB 1179 --- Sponsor: Gaskill, Sam
Prohibits courts from modifying the common law to create new causes of action.
HB 1185 --- Sponsor: Ostmann, Cindy
Repeals section 250.140 relating to sewage service.
HB 1187 --- Sponsor: Jolly, Cathy --- CoSponsor: Willoughby, Philip
Expands the requirement for registration of sex offenders.
HB 1211 --- Sponsor: Smith, Philip --- CoSponsor: Ostmann, Cindy
Revises the crime of invasion of privacy.
HB 1213 --- Sponsor: McKenna, Ryan Glennon --- CoSponsor: Selby, Harold R.
Allows Jefferson County to enact ordinances relating to abatement and removal of a nuisance.
HB 1231 --- Sponsor: Harding, Meg --- CoSponsor: Graham, Chuck
Establishes the rights of persons who use service animals and prohibits sexual conduct with animals.
HB 1232 --- Sponsor: Harding, Meg --- CoSponsor: Jolly, Cathy
Requires registration of kegs of intoxicating liquor.
HB 1244 --- Sponsor: Robirds, Estel
Limits parental liability for the damages caused by the acts of seventeen year old children.
HB 1250 --- Sponsor: Thompson, Betty L.
Allows suit for damages for wrongful imprisonment.
HB 1295 --- Sponsor: Troupe, Charles Quincy
Requires pharmacies to notify the Board of Pharmacy of any known mistakes in prescriptions.
HB 1309 --- Sponsor: Boucher, Bill --- CoSponsor: Hollingsworth, Katherine
Requires the release of information regarding Class I standard violations by nursing homes to newspapers, radio stations, and television stations.
HB 1316 --- Sponsor: Hanaway, Catherine L --- CoSponsor: Hosmer, Craig
Revises the statute of limitations on certain tort actions.
HB 1317 --- Sponsor: Hanaway, Catherine L --- CoSponsor: Hosmer, Craig
Modifies procedure for seeking damages against certain professionals.
HB 1363 --- Sponsor: Scheve, May
Prohibits certain deceptive practices in connection with home loans.
HB 1368 --- Sponsor: Scheve, May
Regulates hay rides.
HB 1380 --- Sponsor: Richardson, Mark L. --- CoSponsor: Willoughby, Philip
Revises Uniform Arbitration Act.
HB 1422 --- Sponsor: Gratz, William (Bill) --- CoSponsor: Kreider, Jim
Prohibits price gouging during emergencies.
HB 1425 --- Sponsor: Smith, Philip
Prohibits the disclosure of nonpublic health information.
HB 1429 --- Sponsor: Shoemyer, Wes --- CoSponsor: Myers, Peter
Requires farmers who plant patented seed and retain seed from the harvest for planting the following planting season to pay fee which will be deposited in the Genetically Engineerered Seed Fund.
HB 1434 --- Sponsor: Monaco, Ralph A. --- CoSponsor: Green, Timothy P.
Allows emergency personnel to seek recovery and damages from people who by their acts, ommissions, or willful or culpable negligence cause such personnel to suffer injury, disease or death.
HB 1437 --- Sponsor: Crawford, Larry --- CoSponsor: Moore, Danielle
Preempts the regulation of firearms.
HB 1443 --- Sponsor: Barry, Joan --- CoSponsor: Hanaway, Catherine L
Enacts the "Safe Place for Newborns Act of 2002".
HB 1444 --- Sponsor: Smith, Philip
Modifies the exemptions from licensure required for foster homes, residential care facilities, and child placing agencies.
HB 1468 --- Sponsor: Ward, Dan
Revises law on commercial casualty insurance.
HB 1473 --- Sponsor: Green, Tom --- CoSponsor: Whorton, James
Allows enrollees to waive their right to receive documents and materials from their health insurer.
HB 1509 --- Sponsor: Rizzo, Henry C. --- CoSponsor: Curls, Melba J.
Alters the laws controlling Kansas City police retirement systems.
HB 1532 --- Sponsor: Hoppe, Thomas
Revises the provisions of dram shop liability law by providing that the sale of liquor to persons under 21 or to intoxicated persons must be knowing and proven by clear and convincing evidence.
HB 1537 --- Sponsor: Clayton, Robert
Allows debt to offset the value of an estate for purposes of application of small estate administration procedures.
HB 1582 --- Sponsor: Crump, Wayne F.
Requires sellers to accept in good faith any sales tax exemption letter or certificate.
HB 1597 --- Sponsor: Harding, Meg
Allows persons to execute an advanced directive for mental health treatment.
HB 1608 --- Sponsor: Robirds, Estel --- CoSponsor: Myers, Peter
Bars any legal claim on a lien a contractor holds if a subcontractor has already been paid.
HB 1609 --- Sponsor: Robirds, Estel --- CoSponsor: Koller, Don
Grants immunity from liability for injuries or death resulting from risks of paddlesports.
HB 1626 --- Sponsor: Kreider, Jim --- CoSponsor: Murphy, Jim
Establishes the "School Building Property Tax Relief Fund", to be funded by a sales tax increase, with an accompanying referendum clause.
HB 1644 --- Sponsor: Holand, Roy W. --- CoSponsor: Barry, Joan
Expands the list of medical facilities and agencies that must report disciplinary actions.
HB 1671 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Rick --- CoSponsor: Kreider, Jim
Creates a licensing board to regulate private investigators.
HB 1675 --- Sponsor: Scheve, May
Prevents broadcasting industry employers from requiring noncompetition clauses.
HB 1680 --- Sponsor: Hampton, Mark --- CoSponsor: Holt, Bruce W.
Prohibits political subdivisions from suing firearms manufacturers for damages, abatement, or injunctive relief resulting from the design, manufacture, marketing or sale of firearms or ammunition.
HB 1717 --- Sponsor: Foley, James Michael --- CoSponsor: Johnson, Connie "LaJoyce"
Makes various changes regarding certificate of need law.
HB 1759 --- Sponsor: Jolly, Cathy --- CoSponsor: Britt, Phillip M.
Clarifies the crime of passing a bad check.
HB 1771 --- Sponsor: Barry, Joan --- CoSponsor: Reid, Michael J
Modifies various provisions regarding declared states of emergency.
HB 1834 --- Sponsor: Lowe, Jenee' M. --- CoSponsor: Green, Tom
Allows persons treated by emergency medical care providers, health care providers, and Good Samaritans to be tested for contagious and infectious diseases.
HB 1998 --- Sponsor: Hendrickson, Carl
Regulates adult establishments.
HB 2193 --- Sponsor: Dolan, Jonathan
Modifies various provisions regarding air ambulance service.
SB 687 --- Sponsor: Gibbons, Michael R.
Protects a parent from liability for relinquishing custody of a newborn to a hospital.
SB 700 --- Sponsor: Gross, Charles
Revises dram shop liability.
SB 777 --- Sponsor: Yeckel, Anita
Allows waiver of portion of appeal bonds for certain defendants.
SB 817 --- Sponsor: Gross, Charles
Revises dram shop liability.
SB 913 --- Sponsor: Rohrbach, Larry M.
Creates crime of promoting or providing a Mexican Poker contest.
SB 978 --- Sponsor: Gross, Charles
Revises dram shop liability.
SB 1003 --- Sponsor: Steelman, Sarah G.
Requires ambulance service owners to carry liability insurance to cover negligent care by their employees.
SB 1027 --- Sponsor: Kinder, Peter
Prohibits certain suits by political subdivisions and the state against firearm manufacturers and dealers.
SB 1057 --- Sponsor: Cauthorn, John
Limits a successor of asbestos-related liabilities of a domestic business corporation to the fair market value of the total assets of the transferor at the time of merger or consolidation.
SB 1086 --- Sponsor: DePasco, Ronnie
Revises law on abatement of nuisances.
SB 1231 --- Sponsor: Gibbons, Michael R.
Relates to state and local emergency management and qualified immunity for volunteers.
SB 1251 --- Sponsor: Gibbons, Michael R.
Grants liability to funeral directors and funeral establishment for certain actions.
SB 1257 --- Sponsor: Loudon, John
Imposes civil liability on any person violating Missouri's informed consent law for abortion.

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