Missouri House of Representatives
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HB 1228 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Rick --- CoSponsor: Selby, Harold R.
Revises the Telemarketing No-Call Law.
HB 1257 --- Sponsor: Smith, Philip
Revises law on technological crimes.
HB 1338 --- Sponsor: Relford, Randall H. --- CoSponsor: Franklin, Richard
Provides bases for State Board of Education to refuse to issue or renew certificates to teach.
HB 1374 --- Sponsor: Kelly, Glenda
Amends various provisions regarding the standards for nursing homes.
HB 1422 --- Sponsor: Gratz, William (Bill) --- CoSponsor: Kreider, Jim
Prohibits price gouging during emergencies.
HB 1425 --- Sponsor: Smith, Philip
Prohibits the disclosure of nonpublic health information.
HB 1461 --- Sponsor: Seigfreid, James --- CoSponsor: Long, Beth L.
Changes election laws and requirements.
HB 1540 --- Sponsor: Bartle, Matt
Removes current exclusion from telemarketing no-call provision for businesses without present connection and candidates for public office.
HB 1826 --- Sponsor: Hosmer, Craig --- CoSponsor: Britt, Phillip M.
Specifies when an agency is to notify the Attorney General of a possible sexually violent predator and the content of that notice including that a psychiatrist or psychologist make the determination.
HB 1831 --- Sponsor: Cunningham, Jane
Expands the no-call list to include faxes and emails.
HB 2112 --- Sponsor: Luetkenhaus, Bill --- CoSponsor: Gratz, William (Bill)
Requires Attorney General to defend statutes zealously and grants members of the General Assembly standing in lawsuits on constitutionality of statutes.
SB 675 --- Sponsor: Yeckel, Anita
Revises election laws.
SB 709 --- Sponsor: Goode, P. Wayne
Revises the Sunshine Law.
SB 833 --- Sponsor: Schneider, John D.
Requires certain departments to notify the Attorney General's office before entering into certain contracts.
SB 839 --- Sponsor: Goode, P. Wayne
Prohibits certain predatory lending practices with respect to home loans.
SB 850 --- Sponsor: House, Ted
Revises the regulation of unsolicited telephone sales calls.
SB 1031 --- Sponsor: Schneider, John D.
Expands the duties of the Administrative Hearing Commission.
SB 1063 --- Sponsor: Rohrbach, Larry M. --- CoSponsor: Kenney, Bill
Creates provisions relating to insurance mandates, reporting of health data, and the provisions of charity care.
SB 1147 --- Sponsor: Kenney, Bill
Regulates the making of high-cost home loans.
SB 1150 --- Sponsor: Kinder, Peter
Limits state agency contracts for legal services.
SB 1169 --- Sponsor: Childers, Doyle
Makes the Robinson-Patman Price Discrimination Act enforceable in state courts.
SB 1191 --- Sponsor: Jacob, Kenneth B.
Allows bonds to be issued to be repaid with net tobacco settlement agreement receipts.
SB 1265 --- Sponsor: Kenney, Bill
Creates enforcement provisions to prohibit tobacco sales to minors.
SB 1266 --- Sponsor: Kenney, Bill
Creates felony for sale or distribution of gray market cigarettes.

Missouri House of Representatives
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