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HB 1057 --- Sponsor: Byrd, Richard
Requires certain procedures for physical assessments of real property.
HB 1077 --- Sponsor: Jolly, Cathy --- CoSponsor: Willoughby, Philip
Expands the requirement for registration of sex offenders.
HB 1087 --- Sponsor: Linton, William C. --- CoSponsor: Hanaway, Catherine L
Revises property tax assessment laws.
HB 1150 --- Sponsor: Bray, Joan
Authorizes state tax amnesty program, adopts Simplified Sales and Use Tax Administrative Act, and revises law on property tax.
HB 1235 --- Sponsor: Hosmer, Craig --- CoSponsor: Kreider, Jim
Changes hearing requirements in real property classification and assessment hearings.
HB 1236 --- Sponsor: Hegeman, Daniel J.
Requires Department of Corrections to reimburse counties for the additional compensation to prosecuting attorneys.
HB 1270 --- Sponsor: Gratz, William (Bill)
Revises laws on motor vehicles and traffic regulations.
HB 1325 --- Sponsor: Reynolds, David L.
Provides a homestead property exemption.
HB 1328 --- Sponsor: Robirds, Estel
Requires Ethics Commission to send notices of late filing fee assessments within five business days of due date.
HB 1344 --- Sponsor: Crump, Wayne F.
Creates a permit process for carrying concealed firearms and requires review of certain weapons offenses for the possibility of federal prosecution.
HB 1358 --- Sponsor: Scheve, May
Creates a homestead exemption from property tax.
HB 1371 --- Sponsor: Shoemyer, Wes --- CoSponsor: Berkstresser, Judy
Requires counties to allocate a percentage of ad valorem property tax collections for a geographic information system.
HB 1393 --- Sponsor: Whorton, James --- CoSponsor: Coleman, Maida J.
Requires county assessors to be minimally certified as state licensed appraisers.
HB 1408 --- Sponsor: Purgason, Chuck --- CoSponsor: Bearden, Carl
Allows persons to apply for and receive permits to carry concealed firearms under certain circumstances; creates the county sheriff's revolving fund.
HB 1431 --- Sponsor: Scheve, May
Changes the assessment of real property to every four years.
HB 1461 --- Sponsor: Seigfreid, James --- CoSponsor: Long, Beth L.
Changes election laws and requirements.
HB 1467 --- Sponsor: Hendrickson, Carl --- CoSponsor: Enz, Catherine S.
Allows a homestead exemption from property tax assessments for seniors.
HB 1476 --- Sponsor: Graham, Chuck
Establishes a penalty for passing bad checks to county and township collectors.
HB 1489 --- Sponsor: Britt, Phillip M. --- CoSponsor: Merideth III, Denny J.
Authorizes creation of county crime reduction funds, creates the Missouri Sheriffs' Methamphetamine Relief Team, and modifies the St. Louis City Sheriff's Fund.
HB 1511 --- Sponsor: Fares, Kathlyn J. --- CoSponsor: Green, Timothy P.
Requires a certificate of value to be filed with certain transfers of real property.
HB 1513 --- Sponsor: Burton, Gary L.
Provides for disincorporation of road districts in certain counties.
HB 1514 --- Sponsor: Burton, Gary L.
Requires counties to permit taxpayers to pay personal property taxes in installments of the taxpayer's choosing.
HB 1526 --- Sponsor: Bartle, Matt
Gives crime victims the right to be notified by the custodial authority of the expected address upon release of the defendant and requires prosecutors to inform victims of this right.
HB 1538 --- Sponsor: Clayton, Robert
Allows certain prosecuting and circuit attorneys to receive prior service credit for retirement.
HB 1576 --- Sponsor: Treadway, Joseph L. --- CoSponsor: Reid, Michael J
Changes requirements for property assessments.
HB 1596 --- Sponsor: Harding, Meg
Amends exotic animal registration by requiring it be done within two weeks of coming into possession of the animal.
HB 1618 --- Sponsor: Bearden, Carl --- CoSponsor: Hanaway, Catherine L
Limits increases in real property assessments to the percentage of change in Missouri personal income.
HB 1627 --- Sponsor: Kreider, Jim
Changes building code requirements for counties of the third classification.
HB 1634 --- Sponsor: Hoppe, Thomas
Revises laws on county collectors, land trusts, and abandoned property.
HB 1693 --- Sponsor: Shields, Charles W.
Exempts certificates of release or discharge from active military duty from open records law.
HB 1776 --- Sponsor: Harlan, Tim
Transfers custodianship of the county recorder's fund to the Director of Revenue.
HB 1884 --- Sponsor: Froelker, James V.
Specifies date of receipt of real estate tax payments.
HB 1962 --- Sponsor: Monaco, Ralph A. --- CoSponsor: Crowell, Jason
Revises court procedures.
HB 1982 --- Sponsor: Richardson, Mark L.
Specifies travel expense guidelines for assessors in certain counties.
HB 1990 --- Sponsor: Green, Tom
Allows parents to request a death certificate for a stillborn child.
HB 2002 --- Sponsor: Farnen, Ted --- CoSponsor: Naeger, Patrick A.
Revises provisions concerning coroner's inquests.
HB 2080 --- Sponsor: Britt, Phillip M. --- CoSponsor: Richardson, Mark L.
Allows certain county commissions to elect to give their prosecutors retirement benefits equal to prosecutors in first-class counties.
HB 2110 --- Sponsor: Reinhart, Annie --- CoSponsor: Ridgeway, Luann
Excludes prosecuting attorneys from the crime of unlawful use of a weapon for carrying a concealed weapon.
HB 2137 --- Sponsor: Crump, Wayne F.
Changes the compensation scale for county treasurers.
SB 645 --- Sponsor: Mathewson, James L.
Authorizes Caldwell, DeKalb and Daviess counties to impose a voter-approved sales tax to fund jail districts.
SB 720 --- Sponsor: Westfall, Morris
Limits the bond amount for deputies and assistants appointed by collectors and treasurer ex officio collectors.
SB 744 --- Sponsor: Caskey, Harold
Allows Cass County to elect a county surveyor.
SB 869 --- Sponsor: Cauthorn, John
Removes ability of Marion County Circuit Court to appoint Division I Circuit Clerk if office is separated from Recorder.
SB 1030 --- Sponsor: Cauthorn, John
Changes the custodian of the Statutory County Recorder's Fund.
SB 1060 --- Sponsor: Westfall, Morris
Revises the fees collected by County Collectors and Treasurers Ex Officio Collectors.
SB 1073 --- Sponsor: Cauthorn, John
Allows credit for prior service for prosecuting or circuit attorneys serving as of August 28, 2002.
SB 1078 --- Sponsor: Cauthorn, John
Changes the custodian of the Statutory County Recorder's Fund.
SB 1084 --- Sponsor: Stoll, Steve
Allows certain counties to enact a one percent sales tax for law enforcement purposes.
SB 1102 --- Sponsor: Westfall, Morris
Allows county prosecutors jurisdiction for prosecuting nuisance cases.
SB 1113 --- Sponsor: Caskey, Harold
Revises laws related to coroner's inquests.
SB 1179 --- Sponsor: Caskey, Harold --- CoSponsor: Dougherty, Patrick
Allows the Cole County Salary Commission to increase the salary of the Cole County Treasurer to equal the salary of the Cole County Public Administrator.
SB 1193 --- Sponsor: Caskey, Harold
Establishes a District Attorney system.
SB 1195 --- Sponsor: Steelman, Sarah G.
Counties may create a "County Crime Reduction Fund" for narcotics investigation and law enforcement equipment.
SB 1232 --- Sponsor: Singleton, Marvin
Authorizes voter petition to dissolve road district in Jasper County.
SB 1277 --- Sponsor: Caskey, Harold
Allows for crediting and transfers of creditable service in certain situations for judges.

Missouri House of Representatives
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