Missouri House of Representatives
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HB 1149 --- Sponsor: Hegeman, Daniel J. --- CoSponsor: Lawson, Maurice
Establishes the Environmental Hearing Commission within the office of administration.
HB 1255 --- Sponsor: Smith, Philip
Revises law on the licensing of nursing home administrators.
HB 1277 --- Sponsor: Secrest, Patricia K.
Revises workers' compensation law.
HB 1281 --- Sponsor: Willoughby, Philip
Changes notice and resolution of teacher certification disciplinary actions; requires certain personnel to report certain acts by certificate holders.
HB 1327 --- Sponsor: Bray, Joan
Authorizes state tax amnesty program, adopts Simplified Sales and Use Tax Administrative Act, and revises law on property tax.
HB 1347 --- Sponsor: Naeger, Patrick A. --- CoSponsor: Nordwald, Charles
Amends various portions of the on-site sewage treatment systems law.
HB 1438 --- Sponsor: O'Connor, Patrick
Provides for the franchising of personal watercraft.
HB 1566 --- Sponsor: Copenhaver, Nancy --- CoSponsor: Haywood, Esther
Establishes the Professional Educators' Standards and Practices Act and board.
HB 1643 --- Sponsor: Holand, Roy W. --- CoSponsor: Barry, Joan
Requires physicians to maintain adequate, complete, and legible written patient records for each patient.
HB 1802 --- Sponsor: Smith, Philip --- CoSponsor: Hosmer, Craig
Expands the powers of the Administrative Hearing Commission to include any contested case either by a state agency or an affected party and adds 3 members to the commission.
HB 1937 --- Sponsor: Barry, Joan
Modifies various provisions for the licensure of clinical perfusionists.
HB 2059 --- Sponsor: Hosmer, Craig
Allows the Director of Revenue to hold administrative hearings in regional locations.
HB 2069 --- Sponsor: Koller, Don
Transfers various powers to the Department of Transportation pursuant to the Governor's executive order.
SB 747 --- Sponsor: Russell, John T.
Non-attorneys may represent corporations in certain state proceedings.
SB 881 --- Sponsor: Steelman, Sarah G.
Creates Environmental Hearing Commission.
SB 892 --- Sponsor: Kenney, Bill
Allows certain additional services to be pre-purchased from cemeteries.
SB 909 --- Sponsor: Gibbons, Michael R.
Shifts burden of proof on tax credit disputes to Department of Revenue.
SB 910 --- Sponsor: Gibbons, Michael R.
Allows abatement and prospective application of taxes in certain situations.
SB 965 --- Sponsor: Stoll, Steve
Authorizes certain subpoena power for the board of pharmacy.
SB 1002 --- Sponsor: Mathewson, James L.
Allows supervisor of liquor control to assess civil penalties for certain violations.
SB 1031 --- Sponsor: Schneider, John D.
Expands the duties of the Administrative Hearing Commission.
SB 1085 --- Sponsor: Yeckel, Anita
Creates a State Board of Naturopathic Medicine.
SB 1088 --- Sponsor: Foster, Bill I.
Creates State Board of Auctioneers to oversee licensing of persons engaged in practice of auctioneering.
SB 1166 --- Sponsor: DePasco, Ronnie
Licensing and Regulation of Chimney Sweeps.
SB 1235 --- Sponsor: Bland, Mary --- CoSponsor: Bland, Mary
Allows the Public Service Commission to refund ratepayers for unauthorized use charges, penalties and refunds from pipelines after an evidentiary hearing.

Missouri House of Representatives
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