September 10, 2003, House Activity Register
Missouri House of Representatives
92nd General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Daily Activity Register
For Activities Recorded on September 10, 2003

HB156 --- Sponsor: Phillips, Susan C. (032) --- CoSponsor: Reinhart, Annie (034)
Modifies the informed consent for abortion statute and requires persons who perform abortions to maintain proof of financial responsibility.
HS HCS HB 156 -- (LR# 0545L- 06T)
House votes to override veto (H)
HB257 --- Sponsor: Munzlinger, Brian (001) --- CoSponsor: Hobbs, Steve (021)
Allows specific tax credits to be taken on a quarterly basis.
SS SCS HS HCS HB 257 -- (LR# 0602S- 23T)
Veto override failed (G)
HB327 --- Sponsor: Lipke, Scott A. (157) --- CoSponsor: Mayer, Robert (159)
Requires the Department of Transportation to consider highway access in determining damages when exercising eminent domain.
CCS SS SCS HB 327 -- (LR# 1067L- 11T)
Veto override failed (G)
HB349 --- Sponsor: Crawford, Larry (117) --- CoSponsor: Sander, Therese (022)
Authorizes permits to carry concealed firearms.
SS HS HCS HB 349, 120, 136 & 328 -- (LR# 1360S- 11T)
House votes to override veto (H)
HB478 --- Sponsor: Moore, Danielle (020) --- CoSponsor: Seigfreid, James (026)
Creates a special license plate for members of Optimist International.
HB 0478 -- (LR# 1152L- 01T)
Veto override failed (G)
HB594 --- Sponsor: Emery, Edgar G. H. (126) --- CoSponsor: Stevenson, Bryan P. (128)
Creates disincorporation procedures for a special road district in Jasper County.
HB 0594 -- (LR# 1646L- 02T)
Veto override failed (G)
HB598 --- Sponsor: Schlottach, Charles (111) --- CoSponsor: Viebrock, James (134)
Revises provisions relating to application for certain license plates.
SS SCS HB 598 -- (LR# 1497S- 06T)
Veto override failed (G)
HB679 --- Sponsor: Hanaway, Catherine L (087) --- CoSponsor: Parker, Sherman (012)
Enacts and modifies various provisions regarding the state foster care system.
CCS SS HS HCS HB 679 & 396 -- (LR# 1582L- 18T)
Veto override failed (G)

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