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HB46 --- Sponsor: Richard, Ron --- CoSponsor: Ruestman, Marilyn
Requires flags to be flown at half-staff at public building on D-Day, Pearl Harbor Day, VJ Day and VE Day.
HB72 --- Sponsor: Luetkemeyer, Blaine
Exempts military records filed with the recorder of deeds from the Open Records Law.
HB128 --- Sponsor: Willoughby, Philip
Authorizes honorary high school diplomas for certain civilians, prisoners of war, and other veterans.
HB271 --- Sponsor: Merideth III, Denny J. --- CoSponsor: Jetton, Rod
Permits continued pay for state employees on extended military leaves of absence.
HB279 --- Sponsor: Ransdall, Bill L.
Makes any DD 214 filed with the courts exempt from chapter 610 for 50 years with certain exceptions and makes it a crime for persons to violate this.
HB307 --- Sponsor: Merideth III, Denny J. --- CoSponsor: Shoemaker, Chris
Changes the procedure for mutual-aid agreements.
HB632 --- Sponsor: Shoemaker, Chris --- CoSponsor: Luetkemeyer, Blaine
Revises utilities rate increase due to homeland security.
HB699 --- Sponsor: Sager, Mike --- CoSponsor: Johnson, Rick
Creates Uniform Communications Act for Homeland Security.
HB751 --- Sponsor: Bruns, Mark J. --- CoSponsor: Jetton, Rod
Exempts active duty military service income from state income tax.
HCR19 --- Sponsor: Shoemaker, Chris
Urges the federal government to enhance the current missile defense system to protect the United States from weapons of mass destruction.
HCR21 --- Sponsor: Haywood, Esther
Urges the President of the United States to support the full pursuit of diplomatic resolutions and weapons inspections to resolve the situation in Iraq without the need of war.
HCR27 --- Sponsor: Parker, Sherman
Commends the people of Israel for their democratic ideals, reaffirms the Missouri-Israeli Cooperative Agreement, and urges Palestinian leadership to embrace democracy.
HCR29 --- Sponsor: Brown, Jason --- CoSponsor: Jetton, Rod
Declares the General Assembly's support of the actions of the President towards Iraq.
HCR34 --- Sponsor: Haywood, Esther
Authorizes the Governor to utilize homeland security moneys to fund the trauma center at the SSM DePaul Health Center in North County.
HCR35 --- Sponsor: Walton, Juanita Head
Urges the United States Congress to provide a guaranteed level of funding for veterans health care.
HJR25 --- Sponsor: Shoemaker, Chris
Proposes a constitutional amendment creating the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.
848 --- Sponsor: Baker, Brian
Expresses House support for tourism, economic trade, and cultural exchange with the State of Israel.
SB219 --- Sponsor: Steelman, Sarah G.
Creates the Korean Conflict Medallion Program and extends the World War II Medallion Program.
SB325 --- Sponsor: Steelman, Sarah G.
Limits access to military discharge documents filed with county recorders, expands eligibility for an honorary high school diploma for veterans, and requires schools to hold Veterans Day observances.
SC144 --- Sponsor: Dolan, Jonathan --- CoSponsor: 27.htm">Kinder, Peter
Declaring support for a missile defense system.
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