Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 475 -- Employees

Co-Sponsors:  Yates, Hunter, Schneider, Goodman, Bearden, Jetton,
Byrd, Smith (118)

This bill makes several changes to the law concerning employees.
The bill:

(1)  Requires the Division of Employment Security to cross-check
unemployment compensation recipients against the federal new hire
database monthly;

(2)  Exempts unemployment insurance claimants from the "seeking
work" requirement if they are participating in a state-approved
drug or alcohol treatment program;

(3)  Defines "misconduct" in connection with work as including
acts of wanton or willful disregard of the employer's interest,
deliberate violation of rules, disregard of standards of
behavior, excessive negligence, and a positive test on a
professionally administered chemical test for controlled
substances and alcohol in excess of .08%.  The employer must have
a written policy on drugs and alcohol;

(4)  Requires that if a deputy of the division determines that an
unemployment insurance claimant has been discharged due to
misconduct in connection with work that the claimant be
disqualified from waiting week credit and benefits.  Current law
allows deputies of the division to consider the seriousness of
the misconduct in each case and disqualify claimants for not less
than four and not more than 16 weeks;

(5)  Requires the division to recalculate the contribution rate
of a newly acquired business on the first day of the next
calendar quarter after acquisition instead of on the date of
acquisition; and

(6)  Prohibits the disclosure of confidential information related
to employment security.  Unlawful disclosure is a class D felony.

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