Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 483 -- Transportation Development Districts

Co-Sponsors:  Byrd, Fares, Donnelly, Stefanick, Munzlinger,
Shoemaker (8)

This bill establishes an alternative method for creating a
transportation district.

Any two or more local transportation authorities which have
adopted a resolution calling for the joint establishment of a
district may file a petition in circuit court requesting the
creation of a district.

The proposed district area must be contiguous and may contain all
or any portion of one or more municipalities and counties.
Property separated or connected by public streets, easements, or
rights-of-way will be considered contiguous.

The content requirements of the petition, petition language for
voter approval, number of board of directors, board of directors'
qualifications, and appointment of board advisors are spelled out
in the bill.

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