Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 494 -- Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

Co-Sponsors:  Guest, Dethrow, Sutherland, Myers

This bill repeals all provisions of Chapter 640, RSMo, Department
of Natural Resources, relating to concentrated animal feeding
operations and reenacts the provisions in Chapter 644, Water
Pollution, with the following changes:

(1)  The Missouri Clean Water Commission is to promulgate rules
regulating the establishment, permitting, design, construction,
operation, and management of Class I concentrated animal feeding

(2)  Regulatory or local controls imposed by any form of local
government concerning the establishment, permitting, design,
construction, operation, and management of any Class I or Class
II concentrated animal feeding operation must be consistent with
the provisions of the bill, except local governing bodies may
impose stricter controls based on empirical peer-reviewed
scientific and economic data that clearly document the need and
cost effectiveness for the more restrictive provisions;

(3)  Any corporation or cooperative engaged in farming will not
be eligible for any state tax credits, deductions, state grants,
loans, or other financial or economic assistance, unless a family
farm or a family farm corporation receives the same assistance.
Agricultural processing or food processing facilities are not
restricted by the provisions of the bill; and

(4)  The requirement for Class I concentrated animal feeding
operations to give notice of application to the county governing
body and adjoining property owners within one and a half times
the maximum buffer distance for the size of the proposed
operation is deleted.

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