Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 720 -- Human Resources

Sponsor:  Meredith

This bill:

(1)  Renames the Personnel Advisory Board as the Human Resources
Advisory Board and the Division of Personnel of the Office of
Administration as the Division of Human Resources;

(2)  Requires the director to work with appointing authorities
and allows the director to delegate duties as he or she deems

(3)  Prohibits seeking, offering, or providing assistance for an
examination conducted for employment;

(4)  Prohibits any state employee from either obstructing or
providing special or secret information to any person with
respect to an employment prospect, with violation a class A

(5)  Requires that any order by the board regarding the appeal of
a dismissal or involuntary demotion of a regular employee be a
final decision subject to judicial review; and

(6)  Requires that orders of reinstatement by the board include
guidelines determining proper calculation of back pay.

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