Missouri House of Representatives
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HB 406 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Rick --- CoSponsor: Harris, Belinda
Modifies the admissibility of statements made by children under fourteen years of age.
HB 519 --- Sponsor: Bivins, Walt --- CoSponsor: Icet, Allen
Creates environmental audit privileges.
HB 586 --- Sponsor: Lipke, Scott A. --- CoSponsor: Hanaway, Catherine L
Prohibits the taking of depositions by any party in any criminal case except for depositions to preserve the testimony of essential witnesses.
SB 2 --- Sponsor: Russell, John T.
Revises law on unemployment compensation.
SB 21 --- Sponsor: Bland, Mary
Modifies various aspects of the criminal justice system.
SB 198 --- Sponsor: Caskey, Harold
Modifies DNA Profiling System.
SB 268 --- Sponsor: Loudon, John --- CoSponsor: Goode, P. Wayne
Authorizes special motion to dismiss in Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP).
SB 280 --- Sponsor: Goode, P. Wayne
Enacts various tort reform measures.
SB 324 --- Sponsor: Loudon, John
State may order medical examination for Second Injury claims and modifies admissibility of medical reports.
SB 406 --- Sponsor: Klindt, David
Makes information collected in the course of an insurance compliance audit privileged information.
SB 487 --- Sponsor: Dolan, Jonathan
Modifies certain court fees associated with court reporters.

Missouri House of Representatives
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