Missouri House of Representatives
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HB 43 --- Sponsor: Stevenson, Bryan P.
Makes juvenile court jurisdiction terminate at age 18 instead of age 17.
HB 45 --- Sponsor: Stevenson, Bryan P.
Modifies the compulsory school attendance age.
HB 70 --- Sponsor: Crowell, Jason
Requires a substantial and continuing change in circumstances to modify child custody.
HB 154 --- Sponsor: Roark, Bradley G. --- CoSponsor: Kelly, Van
Establishes covenant marriages.
HB 196 --- Sponsor: Sager, Mike --- CoSponsor: LeVota, Paul
Requires the Department of Social Services to conduct or contract for an advertising campaign for the recruitment of adoptive and foster care families.
HB 253 --- Sponsor: Shoemaker, Chris --- CoSponsor: Fraser, Barbara
Prohibits the disclosure of the Social Security number of the petititoner for an order of protection.
HB 396 --- Sponsor: Hanaway, Catherine L --- CoSponsor: Parker, Sherman
Enacts and modifies various provisions regarding the state foster care system.
HB 485 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Rick --- CoSponsor: Byrd, Richard
Restricts the locations for interviewing children for child abuse investigations and allows attorneys to receive a reasonable fee in termination of parental rights cases.
HB 581 --- Sponsor: Pratt, Bryan
Creates new rights for men in the establishment of paternity.
HB 629 --- Sponsor: Muckler, Matt
Allows consideration of whether a parent provides the sole financial support for children not of the marriage due to the death of a spouse when determining child support for children of the marriage.
HB 690 --- Sponsor: Holand, Roy W.
Amends the requirements for the Missouri Family Trust.
HB 728 --- Sponsor: Davis, Cynthia L. --- CoSponsor: Phillips, Susan C.
Modifies the requirements for granting grandparent visitation.
HB 752 --- Sponsor: Sager, Mike
Establishes the Missouri Abortion Reduction Program in the Department of Health and Senior Services to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies.
SB 43 --- Sponsor: Dougherty, Patrick
Establishes "Office of State Ombudsman for Children's Protection and Services" and the "Task Force on Children's Justice".
SB 63 --- Sponsor: Caskey, Harold
Makes rulings on termination of parental rights final for purposes of appeal.
SB 210 --- Sponsor: Steelman, Sarah G.
Commissioners of the family court must be elected except where the nonpartisan court plan is used.
SB 306 --- Sponsor: Steelman, Sarah G.
Requires courts to appoint a guardian ad litem where there are substantiated allegations of child abuse and neglect.
SB 322 --- Sponsor: Days, Rita D.
Allows adopted persons eighteen and older to obtain copies of their original birth certificate.
SB 330 --- Sponsor: Caskey, Harold
Allows child support orders to be sent to employers by regular mail.
SB 593 --- Sponsor: Foster, Bill I.
Modifies the law pertaining to hot-line calls of alleged child abuse and neglect.
SB 643 --- Sponsor: Yeckel, Anita
Replaces family court commissioners with associate circuit judges.
SB 649 --- Sponsor: Shields, Charles W.
Modifies the law relating to the Putative Father Registry.
SB 696 --- Sponsor: Coleman, Maida
Establishes the "Child Support Responsibility Act".

Missouri House of Representatives
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