Summary of the House Committee Version of the Bill


SPONSOR:  Bartle (Byrd)

COMMITTEE ACTION:  Voted "do pass" by the Committee on Crime
Prevention and Public Safety by a vote of 11 to 5.

This substitute establishes requirements for members of the
Civilian Review Board, which examines claims of police
misconduct.  A member must be at least 18 years of age, a
registered voter, and not have been convicted of any crime,
whether or not a sentence is imposed.

FISCAL NOTE:  No impact on General Revenue Fund in FY 2005, FY
2006, and FY 2007.  Estimated Income on Other State Funds of
Unknown in FY 2005, FY 2006, and FY 2007.  Oversight assumes
fiscal impact would be minimal.

PROPONENTS:  Supporters say that the bill establishes some very
basic and common-sense requirements for people serving on a
civilian review board.

Testifying for the bill was Senator Bartle.

OPPONENTS:  Those who oppose the bill say that the provision that
prohibits anyone who has been convicted of a crime from sitting
on a civilian review board is far too restrictive.  This would
include anyone who has received a traffic ticket, since most
traffic violations are technically misdemeanors.  This provision
makes it more strict than the requirement of not being convicted
of a felony to work as a police officer or serve on the Board of
Police Commissioners.  The state should leave it to the local
governmental entity to set its own requirements.

Testifying against the bill was John Chasnof.

Richard Smreker, Senior Legislative Analyst

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