Summary of the Truly Agreed Version of the Bill


This bill modifies the definition of "driveaway operation" to
include the transporting of vehicles from one place to another by
driveaway or towaway methods or by any person who is lawfully
engaged in the business of transporting or delivering vehicles
that are not their own or vehicles that are required to be
registered by the driveaway or towaway methods from the point of
manufacture, assembly, or distribution or from the owner of the
vehicle to a dealer or sales agent of the manufacturer or to any
consignee designated by the shipper or consignor.

Driveaway license plates may only be used for the purpose of
transporting vehicles and may not be used by tow truck operators
moving wrecked, disabled, abandoned, improperly parked, or burned

The bill extends the area of operation for land improvement
contractors' commercial motor vehicles from 25 miles to 50 miles
when transporting its owner's machinery, equipment, or supplies
to and from projects involving soil and water conservation or to
and from the dealer for maintenance.

The bill also exempts the commercial drivers' license
requirements for emergency or fire personnel who drive their
equipment in other functions such as parades and special events
or for maintenance and repair service.  This portion of the bill
contains an emergency clause.

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Missouri House of Representatives
92nd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
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