Summary of the Truly Agreed Version of the Bill


This bill provides that a temporary employee of a temporary help
firm will have voluntarily quit employment if the employee does
not contact the firm for reassignment prior to filing for
benefits.  A temporary employee is to be advised of this

The Missouri State Unemployment Council, created by the bill,
will report annually to the Governor and the General Assembly its
recommendations on pertinent legislation, the status and
projected maintenance requirements for solvency of unemployment
insurance, and the adequacy of unemployment compensation.  The
Division of Employment Security will provide the council with
access to the division's records, services required, employee
testimony, and recommendations on relevant legislation and rules.
The council may, except if prohibited by a concurrent resolution
by the General Assembly, commission an outside study of the
solvency, adequacy, and staffing and operational efficiency of
the Missouri unemployment system.  The first study is authorized
to begin in Fiscal Year 2005 and a successor study every five
years thereafter.  The council's composition, terms, appointment
requirements, and voting and nonvoting designations are

The bill also provides for the Revisor of Statutes to renumber
certain subdivisions of Subsection 2 of Section 288.330, RSMo,
and for the repeal of Section 288.397 of House Bill 1268 in 2004.

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Missouri House of Representatives
92nd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
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