Read 1st time February 5, 2004, and copies ordered printed.





To amend chapter 301, RSMo, by adding thereto one new section relating to special license plates for Missouri DeMolay.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the state of Missouri, as follows:

            Section A. Chapter 301, RSMo, is amended by adding thereto one new section, to be known as section 301.3148, to read as follows:

            301.3148. 1. Any member of Missouri DeMolay may receive special license plates as prescribed in this section after an annual payment of an emblem-use authorization fee to Missouri DeMolay. Missouri DeMolay hereby authorizes the use of its official emblem to be affixed on multiyear personalized license plates as provided in this section. Any contribution to Missouri DeMolay derived from this section, except reasonable administrative costs, shall be used solely for Missouri DeMolay scholarships and other charitable programs. Any member of Missouri DeMolay may annually apply to Missouri DeMolay for the use of the emblem.

            2. Upon annual application and payment of a twenty-five dollar emblem-use contribution to Missouri DeMolay, the organization shall issue to the vehicle owner, without further charge, an emblem-use authorization statement, which shall be presented by the member to the department of revenue at the time of registration of a motor vehicle. Upon presentation of the annual statement and payment of the fee required for personalized license plates in section 301.144, and other fees and documents which may be required by law, the department of revenue shall issue a personalized license plate, which shall bear the emblem of the Missouri DeMolay, to the vehicle owner.

            3. The license plate authorized by this section shall be in a form prescribed by the advisory committee established in section 301.129, except that such license plates shall be made with fully reflective material with a common color scheme and design, shall be clearly visible at night, and shall be aesthetically attractive, as prescribed by section 301.130. The bidding process used to select a vendor for the material to manufacture the license plates authorized by this section shall consider the aesthetic appearance of the plate.

            4. A vehicle owner, who was previously issued a plate with the Missouri DeMolay emblem authorized by this section but who does not provide an emblem-use authorization statement at a subsequent time of registration, shall be issued a new plate which does not bear the Missouri DeMolay emblem, as otherwise provided by law. The director of revenue shall make necessary rules and regulations for the enforcement of this section, and shall design all necessary forms required by this section.