Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 493 -- State Employee Whistleblower Disclosures

Sponsor:  Bowman

This bill clarifies the whistleblower law as it applies to state
employees.  An employee may confidentially report alleged
improper governmental action to the State Auditor and will only
be disciplined for knowingly providing false information.  The
State Auditor will determine whether to initiate an investigation
based on the assertions received and will provide written notice
of the nature of the assertions including relevant facts known at
the time to the subject of the investigation and the agency head
when further investigation is necessary.  The State Auditor may
issue subpoenas, administer oaths, examine witnesses, and receive
evidence.  The report of the State Auditor's investigation and
findings will be sent to the whistleblower within one year after
the initial information was filed.

If the State Auditor determines that there is reasonable cause to
believe a state employee has engaged in improper governmental
action, the State Auditor will report the activities to the
Attorney General or other authority as the State Auditor
determines is appropriate.  Once appropriate action has been
taken to resolve the identified activity, the State Auditor will
notify the whistleblower, the agency head, and the subject of the

The State Employee Whistlerblower Fund is created to fund the
whistleblower program.

The provisions of the bill will expire six years from the
effective date.

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Missouri House of Representatives
93rd General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
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