Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 723 -- Joint Negotiations of Physicians

Sponsor:  Cooper (155)

This bill allows two or more independent physicians to jointly
negotiate with a health insurance carrier to engage in related
joint activities involving nonfee-related matters.  Physicians
engaged in joint activities involving fees and fee-related
matters may do so when the Attorney General has determined that a
carrier has substantial market power to threaten the quality and
availability of patient care.

Before a physician may enter into negotiations, a joint
negotiation representative must meet certain requirements and
submit certain information and a fee to the Attorney General for
approval.  Physicians are permitted to communicate with each
other and the representative regarding contractual terms;
however, the representative will have the sole authority to
negotiate with the carrier on behalf of the physicians.

When an agreement has been reached between the representative and
a carrier, a copy of the proposed rule must be submitted to the
Attorney General for approval.  If the Attorney General has not
made a decision within 30 days, the representative may petition a
court for an order requiring the Attorney General to take action.
In the event an agreement cannot be reached or negotiations end,
the representative must report the information to the Attorney
General within 14 days.

Once an agreement has been arranged, a carrier must negotiate in
good faith and meet at reasonable times.

The Attorney General must report to the Governor and the General
Assembly no later than August 28, 2008, on the implementation of
the provisions and any recommendations to expand the provisions
to include other types of health care professionals and

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Missouri House of Representatives
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