Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 736 -- Medical Assistance

Sponsor:  Bringer

This bill provides a mechanism for persons who lose their
eligibility for Missouri Medicaid Program benefits on July 1,
2005, to be automatically enrolled in the Senior Rx Program.  The

(1)  Requires the Department of Social Services, by August 1,
2005, to provide a list of all individuals 65 years of age or
older who lost their Medicaid benefits to the Department of
Health and Senior Services;

(2)  Allows recipients to receive a credit toward their
deductible for expenses paid for prescription drugs purchased
between July 1, 2005, and the date the department was notified of
a person's ineligibility for Medicaid benefits;

(3)  Specifies that the Department of Health and Senior Services
has 15 days to notify an individual about their benefits and
automatic enrollment into the Senior Rx Program; and

(4)  Allows an individual to opt out of the program by either
notifying the department in writing or declining to pay the
enrollment fee.

The bill contains an emergency clause.

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93rd General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
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