Summary of the House Committee Version of the Bill


SPONSOR:  Alter (Dusenberg)

COMMITTEE ACTION:  Voted "do pass" by the Special Committee on
Immigration Reform by a vote of 13 to 0.

This substitute requires that the Superintendent of the State
Highway Patrol designate some or all members of the patrol to be
trained in accordance with a memorandum of understanding between
Missouri and the United States Department of Homeland Security
concerning the enforcement of federal immigration laws on federal
highways and interstates in Missouri, subject to appropriations.

FISCAL NOTE:  No impact on state funds in FY 2007, FY 2008, and
FY 2009.

PROPONENTS:  Supporters say that many of the bill's provisions
are already federal law, and the bill simply creates a
disincentive for illegal aliens to remain in the country.

Testifying for the bill were Senator Alter; Kris Kobach;
Mid-America Immigration Reform Coalition; Missouri Eagle Forum;
Ronny Margason; and Missouri First.

OPPONENTS:  Those who oppose the bill say that it will be
detrimental to the strong working relationship between law
enforcement and the Latin immigrant community, especially in the
area of crime investigation.  It will shift law enforcement's
focus and duties away from crime solving to immigration status
checks.  The provisions regarding employment of undocumented
workers only deal with public works, so the bill doesn't
adequately address the issue.

Testifying against the bill were Missouri Chiefs of Police; Angie
O'Gorman, Interfaith Legal Services for Immigrants; Ezequiel
Amador III, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City;
Anthony B. Ramirez; Missouri Catholic Conference; Missouri
Association for Social Welfare; Linda Callon; Maria Knapp; and
Missouri National Education Association.

OTHERS:  Others testifying on the bill say certain investigative
requirements in the bill will be too complicated for ordinary
jailers, and they will not have proper office equipment to
accomplish the task.  Giving the members of the State Highway
Patrol more discretion on whether to hold an illegal alien will
be a good thing.

Others testifying on the bill were Missouri Sheriffs'
Association; and State Highway Patrol.

Julie Jinkens McNitt, Legislative Analyst

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Missouri House of Representatives
93rd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
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