Missouri House of Representatives
93rd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session (2006)
Bills Indexed by Subject

HB 1117 --- Sponsor: Salva, Ray --- CoSponsor: Dusenberg, Gary
Specifies that any new vessel, including boats and watercraft, sold after January 1, 2007, will be treated the same as a new motor vehicle under the provisions of the Lemon Law
HB 1302 --- Sponsor: Cooper, Robert Wayne --- CoSponsor: Moore, Danielle
Creates the Missouri State Water Patrol Fund consisting of money collected for registering a vessel and increases the fee for a certificate of number
HB 1457 --- Sponsor: Fraser, Barbara --- CoSponsor: Sutherland, Mike
Changes the laws regarding the protection of historic shipwreck sites
HB 1626 --- Sponsor: Yates, Brian David --- CoSponsor: Cooper, Shannon
Changes the laws regarding motor vehicle service contracts and product service agreements
HB 1863 --- Sponsor: Villa, Thomas --- CoSponsor: Avery, Jim
Changes the laws regarding excursion gambling boats by removing the $500 loss limit, capping the number of gaming licenses at 13, and increasing the adjusted gross receipts tax from 20% to 21%
HB 1892 --- Sponsor: Dethrow, Mike
Imposes new requirements relating to flotation devices, speed limits, and lighting on watercraft
HB 1912 --- Sponsor: Salva, Ray --- CoSponsor: Wildberger, Edward
Requires any private entity licensed to operate a hydroelectric project at the Lake Ozarks that charges a boat dock fee based on square footage to subtract the square footage of the slips of the dock
HB 1980 --- Sponsor: Self, Tom --- CoSponsor: Cooper, Robert Wayne
Prohibits a private entity licensed to operate a hydroelectric project at the Lake of the Ozarks from denying a use and occupancy permit for a boat dock in certain areas
SB 778 --- Sponsor: Ridgeway, Luann
Requires proof of payment of personal property taxes on certain vessels, raises vessel fees and creates the "Missouri State Water Patrol Fund"
SB 781 --- Sponsor: Ridgeway, Luann
Revises the process for obtaining a repossession title to motor vehicles, certain watercrafts, and manufactured homes
SB 1036 --- Sponsor: Mayer, Robert
Modifies watercraft law with respect to personal floatation devices, use of lights, approaching emergency vehicles and other issues

Missouri House of Representatives
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