Missouri House of Representatives
93rd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session (2006)
Bills Indexed by Subject

HB 1056 --- Sponsor: Roorda, Jeff --- CoSponsor: LeVota, Paul
Creates new crimes of tampering with electronic monitoring equipment and aiding a sexual offender and increases the punishment for sex offenders who commit crimes against children
HB 1072 --- Sponsor: Deeken, Bill
Adds housing authorities to the definition of "state agency" for purposes of income tax offsets
HB 1233 --- Sponsor: Smith, Todd --- CoSponsor: Johnson, Robert Thane
Exempts a tenant from rent payments when his or her residence is destroyed by an act of God unless there is a contract to the contrary
HB 1280 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Robert Thane --- CoSponsor: Zweifel, Clint
Changes the laws regarding property insurance and changes the name of the Basic Property Insurance Inspection and Placement Program to the Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) Plan
HB 1354 --- Sponsor: Sutherland, Mike --- CoSponsor: Zweifel, Clint
Increases the property tax relief for the senior citizens' program known as circuit breaker
HB 1375 --- Sponsor: Ruestman, Marilyn --- CoSponsor: Wood, Dennis
Changes the laws regarding defensive use of force
HB 1442 --- Sponsor: Sutherland, Mike --- CoSponsor: Baker, Judy
Establishes the Manufactured Home Health and Safety Act which provides minimum standards for the maintenance, sanitation, and use of manufactured home communities
HB 1461 --- Sponsor: Ruestman, Marilyn --- CoSponsor: Wood, Dennis
Changes the laws regarding defensive use of force
HB 1589 --- Sponsor: Wilson, Kevin --- CoSponsor: Ruestman, Marilyn
Provides for the registration of home inspectors
HB 1731 --- Sponsor: Lembke, Jim --- CoSponsor: Avery, Jim
Redefines "blighted area" for purposes of tax increment financing
HB 1774 --- Sponsor: Sutherland, Mike
Removes the one-year residency requirement to qualify for the senior citizens property tax credit
HB 1779 --- Sponsor: Fares, Kathlyn --- CoSponsor: Bivins, Walt
Requires a certificate of value to be recorded at the time of sale of property
HB 1808 --- Sponsor: Portwood, Dr. Charles R. --- CoSponsor: Lembke, Jim
Changes the state homestead exemption limit to 2.5% in any year
HB 1832 --- Sponsor: Smith, Todd --- CoSponsor: Sutherland, Mike
Changes the laws regarding operators of mobile home parks, marinas, or storage facilities for airplanes and movers of mobile homes or manufactured homes to provide documentation for property tax purposes
HB 1855 --- Sponsor: Bland, Craig C. --- CoSponsor: Low, Beth
Allows certain Jackson County taxpayers with hardships to pay real property taxes in monthly or quarterly installments
HB 1962 --- Sponsor: Fraser, Barbara
Authorizes a homestead exemption for the elderly and disabled in St. Louis County
HB 2058 --- Sponsor: Frame, Michael --- CoSponsor: Bogetto, Jane
Exempts residential property owned by individuals 62 years of age or older from certain increases in assessed valuation
HB 2066 --- Sponsor: Skaggs, Trent
Changes the laws regarding registration of landlords in the City of Kansas City
HB 2130 --- Sponsor: Portwood, Dr. Charles R. --- CoSponsor: Wright, Mark
Removes the age requirement for the Missouri Homestead Preservation Act exemption and sets the exemption limit at 2.5% for homesteads of all eligible owners in any year
HB 2156 --- Sponsor: Icet, Allen
Changes the laws regarding unlawful employment practices
SB 659 --- Sponsor: Bray, Joan
Modifies the law regarding residential property insurance
SB 832 --- Sponsor: Griesheimer, John E.
Modifies Missouri's tax increment finance law
SB 877 --- Sponsor: Kennedy, Harry
Provides a tax credit for modifying a home for a disabled person
SB 888 --- Sponsor: Koster, Chris
Substantially revises the current law regarding the regulation of title insurance
SB 906 --- Sponsor: Engler, Kevin
Modifies various provisions relating to lead abatement
SB 953 --- Sponsor: Engler, Kevin
Substantially revises the title insurance code
SB 1072 --- Sponsor: Loudon, John
Repeals the abandoned manufactured home statutes
SB 1170 --- Sponsor: Bray, Joan
Creates statutory warranties for home buyers and homeowners and also prevents home solicitors from engaging in certain deceptive practices
SB 1193 --- Sponsor: Wheeler, Charles B.
Allows the General Assembly to appropriate state funds to the Missouri Housing Development Commission for certain housing purposes
SB 1196 --- Sponsor: Wheeler, Charles B.
Increases the fee collected by each recorder to be deposited into the Missouri Housing Trust Fund from $3 to $5
SCR 26 --- Sponsor: Crowell, Jason
Establishes the "Joint Interim Committee on Low Income Housing Tax Credits"

Missouri House of Representatives
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