Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 440 -- Labor Organizations

Sponsor:  Hunter

This bill requires labor unions that are not subject to the
federal Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act to publicly
disclose the following information concerning their finances:

(1)  Assets including cash, accounts receivable, loans
receivable, United States treasury securities, investments, and
other assets;

(2)  Liabilities including accounts payable, loans payable,
mortgages, and other liabilities;

(3)  Cash receipts from sources including dues, fees, sales,
interest, rent, and dividends;

(4)  Cash disbursements including negotiation, administration,
organization, lobbying, political, benefits, overhead, gifts, and
contributions; and

(5)  Membership status including active, inactive, associate,
apprentice, retired, and others.

Fines and penalties for noncompliance are specified.

These provisions mirror the federal Lundrum-Griffin Act.

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Missouri House of Representatives
94th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
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