Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 1637 -- Pornographic Material

Sponsor:  Bruns

This bill expands the crime of furnishing pornographic material
to minors to include situations in which a person engages in any
type of lewd communication or conversation with a minor via the
Internet, with knowledge that the person being communicated to or
conversed with is a minor or acting in reckless disregard of the
likelihood that the person is a minor, and the communication or
conversation is pornographic for minors.

The bill specifies that it is not an affirmative defense to a
prosecution of this crime if a peace officer was masquerading as
a minor.

The penalty for the crime of furnishing pornographic material to
minors is increased from a class A misdemeanor to a class D
felony unless the person has previously pled guilty to or been
found guilty of a sexual or pornographic offense in which case
the penalty is increased from a class D felony to a class C

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Missouri House of Representatives
94th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
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