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HB83 --- Sponsor: Wood, Dennis
Changes the laws regarding travel club membership contracts
HB83 -- (LR# 0384L.01P)
Approved by Governor (G)
Delivered to Secretary of State (G) HB94 --- Sponsor: Smith, Joe
Authorizes a sales tax exemption for membership fees and dues paid to any health or fitness club or facility
HB94 -- (LR# 0182L.01I)
House Committee: SMALL BUSINESS
Public Hearing Completed (H) HB162 --- Sponsor: Dusenberg, Gary --- CoSponsor: Ruestman, Marilyn
Specifies that the automatic renewal of contracts for service, maintenance, or repair will be invalid unless a written notice is given to the customer 30 to 90 days prior to the renewal
HB162 -- (LR# 0664L.01I)
Rules - Reported Do Pass (H) HB179 --- Sponsor: Stevenson, Bryan P. --- CoSponsor: Sater, David
Establishes a procedure allowing automobile repair businesses to sell certain vehicles that have been abandoned by the owner at the repair shop
HB179 -- (LR# 0416L.01I)
Referred: Small Business (H) HB198 --- Sponsor: Brandom, Ellen --- CoSponsor: Sander, Therese
Prohibits expiration dates earlier than five years after the date of issuance or post-purchase fees on gift certificates sold in this state
HB198 -- (LR# 0106L.01I)
Referred: Small Business (H) HB206 --- Sponsor: McGhee, Michael --- CoSponsor: Nance, Bob
Authorizes corporations or unincorporated associations to be represented in court by the president or vice-president of the entity for certain actions to remove a tenant
HB206 -- (LR# 0897L.01I)
Referred: Small Business (H) HB223 --- Sponsor: Yates, Brian
Authorizes sales tax exemptions and income tax deductions for amounts expended for fitness dues or fees and fitness equipment
HB223 -- (LR# 0708L.01I)
House Committee: SMALL BUSINESS
Public Hearing Completed (H) HB346 --- Sponsor: Schieffer, Ed --- CoSponsor: Kander, Jason
Prohibits an individual or business organization from misrepresenting its geographic location by using a fictitious or assumed business name in a telephone directory or directory assistance database
HB346 -- (LR# 0736L.01I)
Referred: Small Business (H) HB405 --- Sponsor: Low, Beth --- CoSponsor: Lampe, Sara
Requires equal pay for the same work regardless of gender and establishes a commission to study wage disparities
HB405 -- (LR# 0626L.01I)
Referred: Small Business (H) HB407 --- Sponsor: Low, Beth --- CoSponsor: Jones, Tishaura
Requires certain businesses to provide four weeks of paid family leave for its employees for the birth or adoption of a child
HB407 -- (LR# 0610L.01I)
Referred: Small Business (H) HB608 --- Sponsor: Schaaf, Robert
Establishes the Small Business and Entrepreneurial Growth Act to provide assistance for the expansion of certain small businesses
HB608 -- (LR# 1767L.01I)
Referred: Small Business (H) HB711 --- Sponsor: Curls, Shalonn "KiKi" --- CoSponsor: Talboy, Mike
Requires certain contractors to provide owners with a disclosure form which contains information regarding the contractor and the contractor's work history
HB711 -- (LR# 0930L.01I)
Referred: Small Business (H) HB782 --- Sponsor: Frame, Michael --- CoSponsor: Schieffer, Ed
Establishes the Healthy Families, Healthy Communities Act which requires all employers to provide sick leave for employees
HB782 -- (LR# 0758L.01I)
Referred: Small Business (H) HB784 --- Sponsor: Frame, Michael --- CoSponsor: Wildberger, Edward
Requires anyone who sells gasoline or diesel fuel to the general public to conspicuously post prior to any sales for the day the selling price for the next day
HB784 -- (LR# 0755L.01I)
Referred: Small Business (H) HB795 --- Sponsor: Dethrow, Mike --- CoSponsor: Franz, Ward
Establishes the Small Business Get Off My Back Act which provides for the recovery of small businesses and authorizes the Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board to hire additional employees
HB795 -- (LR# 1760L.01I)
Placed on Informal Calendar (S)
HB872 --- Sponsor: Ervin, Doug
Exempts business personal property from property taxation
HB872 -- (LR# 2067L.01I)
Referred: Small Business (H) HB904 --- Sponsor: Cox, Stanley
Specifies that a person will be guilty of a class C felony when stealing from a mercantile establishment under certain circumstances
HB904 -- (LR# 2194L.01I)
Referred: Small Business (H) HB979 --- Sponsor: Wood, Dennis
Allows the Department of Revenue to issue a special event motor vehicle auction licenses to applicants auctioning certain vehicles
HB979 -- (LR# 2338L.01I)
Referred: Rules - Pursuant to Rule 25(32)(f) (H) HB1001 --- Sponsor: Kratky, Michele
Authorizes an income tax credit for certain small businesses that employ a person who is disabled or who has recently been discharged from a correctional facility
HB1001 -- (LR# 2343L.01I)
Referred: Small Business (H) HB1013 --- Sponsor: Fallert, Joe --- CoSponsor: Meadows, Tim
Prohibits any person from climbing, standing, or working on top of any trailer or semitrailer stopped along any highway unless proper safety precautions are taken
HB1013 -- (LR# 2202L.01I)
Referred: Small Business (H) HB1101 --- Sponsor: Ervin, Doug --- CoSponsor: Scavuzzo, Luke
Authorizes the Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board to receive additional funding, subject to appropriations, to cover certain costs and to hire additional employees to perform certain tasks
HB1101 -- (LR# 2484L.01I)
Voted Do Pass (H) HB1172 --- Sponsor: Gray, Rochelle --- CoSponsor: Pace, Sharon
Allows certain organizations who sell intoxicating liquor by the drink on the premises to obtain a special license to remain open until 3:00 a.m. each day and to open on Sundays at 8:00 a.m.
HB1172 -- (LR# 2524L.01I)
Referred: Small Business (H) SB156 --- Sponsor: Goodman, Jack
Modifies provisions of law regarding travel clubs
SB156 -- (LR# 0871S.01T)
Vetoed by Governor (G)
Delivered to Secretary of State (G) redbar
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